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The end of Kingdom Hearts

...totally made me cry like a little girl. Waaaaaah.

Riku! WRONG SIDE, TWIT! What are you DOING?! *cries* okay, this OT3 thing might have just a little bit of merit, but it seems to me both at the beginning and the end that Kairi is kind of planning to have Sora all to herself, and is going to be in for a rude shock when Sora returns from his world tour well-versed in boytouching.


(so I like to play this game, which laylah helped invent, which is called "figure out who in each world is the best candidate to give Sora the birds and the bees talk" and it starts with Donald and Goofy and sort of goes downhill from there, but i think my ultimate favorite was Tarzan, who talks in apparent expletives. "Hey Riku, want to @(#*@&@?" and Riku faints and Sora wonders what's so shocking about spooning...)

There's also fic i really shouldn't write about how Donald knows what to do with Kohl before halloween town.

Also, i think screwed around too much getting synth stuff, because Ansem was like not hard at all, haha. a little too much leveling up!

Secret thinger at the end YAYZ. Roxas is going to break me in half, isn't he? yeah, i thought so. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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