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1. It will NOT STOP RAINING. We're under a boiled water advisory, because the water treatment center is all overwhelmed, and it's not supposed to stop at any point in the forcastable future. At home this is...tolerable, because i can still shower and stuff (my mother shrieking about bacteria aside), but at work this means snapping open cans of soda endlessly rather than using fountain soda.

No, we can't just sell the cans, that makes sense, instead we open the cans and pour them into a cup. Do you know how many cans of soda it takes to fill a 64 oz cup? CAUSE I DO.

2. but i soothe myself with the knowledge that American Tennis is the gayest gay thing to ever gay, especially when there are TWINS.

3. Chain of Memories is pretty freaking kickass, even if the battle system is the worst thing ever. If you skipped it, you're missing quality exchanges such as this (this is a direct quote):

Riku: "You're always trying to worm your way into my heart!"
Sora: "Whoa whoa, i do what?"
Riku: "You never care about my feelings!"

You should all feel free to make more suggestions about who should give Sora the birds and the bees talk in each world so that someday when my brain recovers from being eaten i can write fic about that.
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