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Look! An Undead Monkey!

PIRATES. YES. And i see that ponderosa121 is already feeding my deviant desires. Yesssssss.

I return to the beach tomorrow, on minimal sleep, to get burned more and not eat aloe lotion. And do math! Because math class. woez. Back for realz on Sunday.

On the other hand, I have finished Chain of Memories as Sora. I have SO MUCH FANNISH LOVE. But I can't hunt for fic or even write fic or do ANYTHING cause I haven't been spoiled for what happens either in Riku's version of CoM or at all for KH2, which can totally only last so long no matter how careful I am, so I am trying to go as quickly as possible.

But NOT TOO FAST! Because I'm totally in love with KH and don't want it to end at all. (er. but. the GBA part can sort of end any time now, because my thumbs are KILLING ME.)

Also: AXEL OWNS. He inspired feelings in me that no GBA sprite has the right to inspire in anybody, and did shit that I totally didn't believe could ever happen on my GBA. SPIKAY WEELS WUT.

omg write me nonspoilery Sora/Riku rival beachsmut. pleeeeeease?
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