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There Sure Are a Lot of Kinks Here...

I finally finished Chain of Memories! I can't move on until Friday, though, when I get paid.

That's okay though, cause I went through the second half of the game so fast, that I'm still a little confused about what happened in what order. I dug up the script, and I was reading through it, but even better:

Skies of Memory is a fanmade capture of all the cut scenes from Chain of Memories, edited together in chronological order (meaning that both stories are alternating pieces rather than all one and then all the other). So if reading the script made your eyes glaze over, this is a great resource.

And also, OMG SORA SO CUTE EEEE. And you should really see the Axel scenes and stuff too. I've been watching it on and off (it's pretty long) in between math problems.

Speaking of, I go now to fail a math test. Curse you, mixture problems!
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