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Roughly Ten Hours Later

I just took 118 Chain of Memories screencaps. the file was 3 hours long, but it took me much longer because i kept stopping and starting both yesterday and today. It was worth the rewatch, because i really missed a lot of things because of both rushing and because of my GBA's lack of backlighting.

But on the other hand, i'm a little strung out (video games, especially story-heavy ones, are not meant to be done so fast) and i was an unmitigated ass to more than one person on IM as a result, both accidentally and, er, intentionally.

If i didn't tell you already, or didn't even realize I was being an ass, I'm sorry. In fact, if i did tell you, I'm sorry MORE. Y HALO THAR PMS.

As a general PSA, when the need arises (and it will) dear god, please always tell me when you need me to shut up, especially over IM. I don't mean to be overbearing and capslocky and hardcore, but sometimes once i get going I can't tell when you are no longer along for the ride.

Dammit, now this is all emo. Listen, I screencapped a bunch of cool KH stuff! I will post tomorrow, probably in two chunks, in between doing math homework.
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