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Chain of Memories Screencaps, part 1/2

Here are the first half of the CoM screencaps, about 60 shots of 300x300, so not very dial-up friendly (storyteller says i shouldn't be pushing the Dialup Agenda anyways).

Please be mindful that I haven't played any of KH2 yet, I'm not getting it until this weekend, so try not to spoil me in the comments. I don't want to stifle discussion and passing around and stuff, especially since this game is clearly foreshadowing a lot of KH2 things, some of which i have commented on, but i really want to catch up unspoiled.

You can use these for icons or whatever, do whatever you like with them, i'm not picky :)

Part II


Riku is hot It will if you put two hands on it and...uh...
Riku is hot

While there are plenteous examples of GBA sprites being unreasonably hot in this game, Riku gets me the most, probably because he spends all of KH glowering. and he's all alone! :(
It will if you put two hands on it and...uh...

oh CID. first of all, DESCRIPTION YES, and second of all, now i'm picturing a whole field of big-haired woodland creatures frolicking and going "Sora! Sora sora!" ala pokemon.
A common occurance Wait, what fandom is this?
A common occurance

We're all wondering, Donald. *pats Sora*
Wait, what fandom is this?

like your SOUL? Because hi, escaped dementor, what? DON'T LET HIM KISS YOU, SORA. There's debate about who this is, be we'll get to that.
AXEL! HI HI AXEL!! laksdjfalsdkfWHEELS

Axel = SO FLIPPING HOT. I was really hoping i would never have these sorts of feelings for a GBA character. er. Also, if you thought this would be the only questionable discussion of what Organization members are doing to Sora, HOW WRONG YOU ARE.

Yes, Sora, I agree, !!!!! How can he be this cool when he's only an inch high? how?!
Reverse that. Battle Systems Initiate
Reverse that.

Ansem looks pretty cool too. But aww, twist the knife a little, why don't you? Poor Riku.
Battle Systems Initiate

This is what battle screens look like, and yes, the cards are a pain to use in the midst of a realtime fight. But i do like Riku's grinning health icon. *eeees quietly*
Shounen Memories! Oh wait, that was Donald's closet
Shounen Memories!

Oh, RIKU. One of the things i love most about him is that he's SUCH A BOY. "I win!" and his grin. So cute.
Oh wait, that was Donald's closet

LOL, GOOFY. with all the what? this is possibly the worst description of Hollow Bastion EVAR. Sora's face is great.
Y HALO THAR PLOT POINT Curioser and Curioser

I love the random explanations people just toss out in this game, most of which i totally missed the first time.
Curioser and Curioser

Axel: Says a bunch of stuff Larxene already knows.
Larxene: Blows her secret wide open.
Axel: kicks ass.
Do you have a kiss for daddy? Best Line of the whole Game
Do you have a kiss for daddy?

"Dammit, you make me wait for hours in this freaky room and you don't even kiss me hi? You're the worst boyfriend ever."
Best Line of the whole Game

wait for it...
YES. Riku ain't the only thing he's been sniffing

this wasn't the first time i had to stop and go "WHAT did they just say?!" but it was the most amusing by far.
Riku ain't the only thing he's been sniffing

what is up with Org. members and the way things smell? hmm. But also, interesting!
I'm a MOUSE, you twit. Ties = Buttsex
"I'm a MOUSE, you twit."

"Are you serious? Jesus, no wonder the keyblade went to that other guy."
oh Riku. *dies*
Ties = Buttsex

Vexen's hair needs a little assistance. Or perhaps he's already had it from Marluxia and that's why they don't get along.
Some more plot How much are dues?
Some more plot

I feel like Vexen may be missing a capital letter there, but he's busy getting Riku's number data.
How much are dues?

I've a feeling you don't exactly 'join', but again, BOYS. "is there a club house? Girls aren't allowed, right?"
lol, WHAT omg what
lol, WHAT

Seriously, Zexion has the best lines. Now i'm imagining "Vexen's Internet Data Service! Build the Relationship of your Dreams!"
omg what

this is also a glorious exchange with Axel. and Larxene's HAIR!! I love the Heartless hair.
omg what WHAT OMG what WHAT what?!
omg what WHAT

AXEL stop feeding the wrong.
OMG what WHAT what?!

I also enjoy that Larxene talks like a noobish fangirl. we'll see more of that later.
Repliku shows up This is kind of familiar
Repliku shows up

In Sora's game, i sort of thought Repliku got what he deserved for disrupting my porn-plotting, but in Riku's game, he just made me sad.
This is kind of familiar

and while Riku never says anything, a lot of things Repliku says about darkness and power must slap Riku right in the face, since he said them almost verbatim to Sora in KH.
Always Coca-Cola! Vexen's plan comes out
Always Coca-Cola!

ahaha, the nicknames are so cute. BOYS. Somewhere there is wrong and glorious Riku/Repliku, right?
Vexen's plan comes out

" passing you around to the other Organization members like a party favor."
Donald gets to the truth I'm takin a break
Donald gets to the truth

Larxene: "Who told you that?! That's a lie! Axel has cooties!"
I'm takin a break

for some reason this shot just really amused me. Perhaps it is Sora flat on his back...*mind wanders*
not that position, goofy. more adorable
not that position, goofy.

Larxene's just really freaking cool as well, and also, Sprite!Sora with his keyblade is made of adorable.
more adorable

See? Keyblade = ADORABLE, and also, like Riku's, Sora's grinning health meter icon makes me all squishy. And this time around you get multiple health bars like the bad guys! that's cool.
Yes. Yes it is. Cue me feeling really bad
Yes. Yes it is.

I think at this point, Vexen, it's more of an orientation than an experimentation, but HEY i won't harsh your mellow, sweetie.
Cue me feeling really bad

Repliku was totally happy being Repliku! this part is totally missing from Sora's story, so i was caught off guard. :( :( Repliku!
Larxene is also creepy :( :( :(
Larxene is also creepy

Larxene never stops rubbing it in that Repliku is an 'it' and a 'toy', which is cruel but at least honest. Although, she calls Riku and Sora 'toys' as well.
:( :( :(

wow, they even faded to black *shivers* I didn't cap the bit where Larxene was like "Don't worry, we'll make Larxene take these memories too so you won't know what we do to you :) " POOR REPLIKU.
Yay! Good job Sora! Oh, sweetie.
Yay! Good job Sora!

This is the most helpful thing Sora EVER says in either game, but of course it's Repliku and not Riku, so Riku will never know. Grarg.
Oh, sweetie.

Sora's so transparent. *pats him* Don't worry, baby, Riku will come back well-versed in the boyrubbing.
alisdflkslskdjj BOYS more Sprite!Sora cute
alisdflkslskdjj BOYS

Shounen rescuing! so much cute all in one place. KEYBLADE! oh, Sora.
more Sprite!Sora cute

the rocking back on his heels with his hands behind his head? it's amazing how much of each character's mannerisms are packed into those tiny sprites. Awesome job, Square Enix/Disney.
Hearts Axel Best Exchange Evar #3
Hearts Axel

This is a strange conversation he has with Namine, but maybe Namine reminds him of Roxas, or something.
Best Exchange Evar #3

this conversation was so much more sweet when i thought it was Riku, not Repliku, but it's still pretty hilarious.
I did what now? End of Exchange
I did what now?

"OMG you don't remember our special night on the island? You said you'd respect me in the morning! I hate you foreverz!"
End of Exchange

after laughing myself silly, i started wondering exactly which of Riku's memories Namine stuck in here...
Aawwwww. That star is so cute

Sora seems almost...cognizant of his feelings for Riku in this game. I can't imagine it'll last long. So much slash for GBA! wasn't expecting that.
That star is so cute

I love how Namine's half-inch sprite clearly shows that this makes her feel like dirt. Repliku :( It's the loss of his sass that i mourn most of all.
AHA! Hnnnn again.

Although i don't exactly know what the Sora/Roxas deal is (omg don't spoil me) but i suspected right away that the Kairi/Namine deal was the same. Vindicated!
Hnnnn again.

So Larxene thinks it's possible, but Axel clearly doesn't? But Larxene is plotting to overthrow the Organization, and Axel isn't? that's fascinating. *LOVES*
Goofy likes Yaoi *pulls rank*
Goofy likes Yaoi

Sora looks so sad :( Goofy would be a good candidate for the Talk, but it would involve a lot of confusion and discussion of 'contraptions'.
*pulls rank*

I love that Vexen plays the number card, and i also love his 'I'm ANGRY GRRR' face. I'm sad i won't get to see big Vexen! *pouts*
Marluxia is a pretty pretty princess oops out of order
Marluxia is a pretty pretty princess

If Marluxia is 11, why does he have so much power here? and I totally had to ask Laylah Marluxia's gender, ahaha.
oops out of order

They mistake hooded!guy for the Superior at first, but it's Marluxia, and this makes me believe it's Marluxia who invites Sora inside at the very beginning. Frankly, i can't see any compelling reason why it WOULDN'T be Marluxia, if he's in charge of the castle and wants to use Sora.
Mmm, Voyeurism AXEL. GLEE.
Mmm, Voyeurism

Something about this scene amuses me greatly. and I haven't mentioned this yet, but when i inevitably write badwrong porn for this game, it will always involve somebody watching over those viewy globes, which you'll note IN EVERY ROOM.

This was about the point in Sora's game where i realized that Axel didn't just look really fucking cool, he was working both (all) sides of the situation. When somebody asks you to 'spell it out' that's never good for you in the long run.
More Experimentation Ouch.
More Experimentation

I love that Vexen is still poking the situation, examining factors. He's like the count in Princess Bride. "How do you feel?" And you so get played, because Vexen is telling the truth this whole scene.

Watching this the second time was achy on several levels, knowing exactly what Vexen meant. REPLIKU :(
*leaps to wrong conclusion* WHOA AXEL
*leaps to wrong conclusion*

which is exactly what you do, because sora STILL doesn't know about Repliku and neither do you. But awwww, Sora gets all "Stop touching my boyfriend! I mean rival!"

I have a couple shots here trying to explain the ultimate cool of this scene, but it's impossible in cap form. Also, it's TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. You beat Vexen, and instead of talking, you get Axel KILLING THE SHIT OUT HIM.
This is interesting too. Another fade out
This is interesting too.

Axel doesn't play it very close to the vest, but he doesn't have to since Sora has no idea what the shit he's talking about, and Axel has already said if Sora just slides through Twilight without catching on, they can smooth it over.
Another fade out

This is as close to the killing blow as I can get before the white out which prevented you seeing the first shot. That's just...I...
*still shocked* More interesting memories
*still shocked*

I AGREE !!!!! I really wasn't expecting that on my GBA at all, and I still feel kind of o.O;; about it, like watching the south park movie uncut on real TV. "They can't DO THAT! Can they DO THAT?"
More interesting memories

Since Riku (cause she implants Riku's memory in Repliku) and Sora apparently both have this memory, I wonder if this is a real memory that Namine twisted. I suppose it could be an entirely fabricated one, but few others seem to be that way.
Axel just cracks me up
Axel just cracks me up

now he's helping Namine?! Jesus, Axel, whose side AREN'T you on? You are a RAT, my friend *scratches belly* Also this is the greatest pose ever. God bless you, GBA and Japan.

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