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Chain of Memories Screencaps, part 2/2

The rest of the caps, about 50. This game makes me laugh and cry and WOEZ.

Square's boys are so awesome *is snapped in half like a twig*

Please be mindful that I haven't played any of KH2 yet, I'm not getting it until this weekend, so try not to spoil me in the comments. I don't want to stifle discussion and passing around and stuff, especially since this game is clearly foreshadowing a lot of KH2 things, some of which i have commented on, but i really want to catch up unspoiled.

You can use these for icons or whatever, do whatever you like with them, i'm not picky :)

and DO NOT MISS the Darkside revelation. O.O;;

Part I

yet MORE SPOILERS for KH1 and CoM

oh the indignity AAAWWW.
oh the indignity

First, we're suddenly the Square version of Muppet Babies, and now we're SPRITES?! where's the love, i ask you.

*flails with the cute* I wish i could have this big enough to wallpaper.

there's still probably enough room in Sora's nascent sexuality to go "YES! Two identical blondes fighting over me!" What a shame he won't remember it.

actually, that caption is the whole reason i took this cap. move along.
Don't Let...ahaha...him....ahahaha dammit, stop fading out the good bits
Don't Let...ahaha...him....ahahaha

no seriously, only Mickey Mouse could say this with a straight face. The text bar is hiding Riku rubbing his abused ass and wincing.
dammit, stop fading out the good bits

this is totally adorable. I really can't love these boys any more than i do, I just can't.
Sora has Deja Vu wait, what
Sora has Deja Vu

*randomly amused by this*
wait, what

Did Repliku just call Sora...hahahah, nice job. That's glorious.
Fangirl Larxene this damn game is so achy
Fangirl Larxene

i love it! i thought about putting this at the top of the post to accompany the spoiler plea, but then realized that this itself is a spoiler. Kind of.
this damn game is so achy

Sora completely ignoring the really important stuff that's going on to stare at Repliku breaks me kind of a lot. Especially since i felt exactly like he looked at this moment in the game, trying to remember everything he'd said to Repliku.

Larxene, you are awesome. Are you sure you don't want to be in KH2? pretty please?

and she's all capslocky! We are kindred spirits.
Goofy likes het? snickers uncontrollably
Goofy likes het?

Goofy needs to make up his mind, since ten minutes ago he was telling Sora that Riku still likes him likes him. Although perhaps Goofy means "Like you have been lobotomized by Walt Disney" which would be true.
snickers uncontrollably

dude, if i were Axel, i would not go around admitting this to my coworkers...
See, I told you so WHEELS
See, I told you so

Maybe if Marluxia weren't busy playing princess dressup with lacy panties and tiaras in his bedroom mirror (~), he might notice these sorts of things...

so when i say Axel is the hottest thing on wheels, I REALLY FSCKING MEAN IT.
REPLIKU :( Contraption!

This is so sweet and heartbreaky.

I just wanted to pause for a moment to laugh at the sheer idiocy of Marluxia's machine here. and FLOWER PETALS. Dear jesus i love this fandom.
You know what they say And we have contact!
You know what they say

He who smelt it, dealt it, Riku.
And we have contact!

Not really, but I love that both boys are like "OMG RIVAL!" about the other. and Riku's O.O face is made of woob.
WOOB oh riku

something about this shot broke my heart a little, something about memories being put into cards, and how Riku's scenes are always him alone, while Sora's are always bustling with characters. :(
oh riku

I didn't cap much of this, but this is about the fourth time somebody has said "if you like them so much, why did you throw them away for the dark?" and Riku makes the face.
you know, the FACE OMG
you know, the FACE

O.O;; smile, Riku! please! one reason Riku works his way into your heart is because he is so very much aware of how much he sucks in the aftermath of all his "DARKNESS YAYZ" bravado. :( :( :( Riku.

I...did he just say...HOLY FUCK. the first boss you fight in KH is RIKU?! I...called it names...and laughed when i killed it...*feels totally horrible about this now*
exactly what happened oh SORA
exactly what happened

Riku actually watches himself turn into the Darkside. *cries* Square is so good at ripping my heart out. Riku didn't disappear, Sora sent him to god knows where, all alone, and I hope that he never ever tells Sora the truth, cause it will probably mess Sora up good.

I love that he doesn't care that Repliku is a fake, he's stilly trying to save everybody. He's so simple and adorable.
SO MUCH WOEZ Nothing earth shattering

Something about Sora holding Riku up at keybladepoint, esp knowing what i know now, even though it isn't real Sora, makes me just want to die a little inside. waaaaah. Think about how many times you did this as Sora.
Nothing earth shattering

I just realized i didn't have any caps of Sprite!Kairi. She's cute too! Everybody is cute. she does her little footpop thing too.
oh we will use him for that too Riku falls down
oh we will use him for that too

i didn't cap it, but right after this Repliku does something they can't even show you to Zexion, and that's the end of him.
Riku falls down

yes, FALLS DOWN, when Mickey pops up. So. Cute. Dying. Riku. Omg.
waaaaah Riku yeah, like this
waaaaah Riku

Please stop breaking my heart, Riku, i seriously can't take any more. He's just so alone! and I keep thinking about what he was doing in KH when I was surrounded by so many people that picking my team was always hard...
yeah, like this

The GBA's graphics are really, really amazing, but mine isn't backlit, so i could barely see all of this.
what the fucking fuck no, I'm me
what the fucking fuck

DiZ pisses me off. It's WAY TOO LATE to be introducing new characters doing nothing but tormenting me. Also, you have BUCKLES ON YOUR HEAD. Ass.
no, I'm me

Boys have the best arguements of all time. It's so existential! "I'm you." "no, I'M me." "No, you're YOU." "Wait, who am i?" "Why do i have a strange urge to read The Stranger?"
damn battle screens This scene actually made me cry
damn battle screens

Dark Riku is kind of frustrating, especially in the fights where you look EXACTLY LIKE the other enemy. I would have to stop and make my guy do something ridiculous because i was confused. Note again, adorable heath meter.
This scene actually made me cry

This is so, so sad, and says a lot about what you've been doing as Sora when you were beating down Organization members left and right. owie.
Riku tries to help so much owie
Riku tries to help

But, because he is a boy, actually says the worst possible thing.
so much owie

oh god, REPLIKU *tears running down face* all he wanted was to be badass! right after this, his last words are "oh well..." :( :( :(
may never recover from this this too
may never recover from this

this scene says so, so much about Sora and Riku, Sora choosing to forget everything he's done here and Riku living with it, watching Sora sleep peacefully like the innocent Disney hero he is. *loves both so much*
this too

Riku looks so hurt when he says this, and it made me think of every time in KH when he asks Sora "Who are these new people? how could you forget about me so easily?"
Yeah, you would OMG go be irritating in the NEXT GAME
Yeah, you would

People in this game keep trying to get Riku to just lay down and sleep, and he must be so ready to do it at this point, but you know he won't choose that. Oh, Riku, baby.
OMG go be irritating in the NEXT GAME

and also, you probably go around telling people that's a utilikilt, DON'T YOU?! but it isn't! it's a SKIRT!
Matured? Riku gets a little back

This is ansem's way of pointing out that Riku is ready for yet more buttsex.
Riku gets a little back

everybody else and their sister has pointed this out so far, so finally Riku gets a little jab of his own out of it.
Mickey is questionable more questionable
Mickey is questionable

I can't remember exactly why i capped this, but it's an interesting statement.
more questionable

did Mickey Mouse just offer to be my hetero life partner?
Nor would I, Riku Sorry, Mickey, got a little carried away
Nor would I, Riku

Except for maybe "let's get it on, big daddy!"
Sorry, Mickey, got a little carried away

How about 'princess' instead? Sugar muffin? Sweetcakes?
Corpse looting? asldkfjasldkjf
Corpse looting?

WTF random organization robes? I know it's supposed to be foreshadowing, but I don't appreciate you doing things that make no sense in-game, SE/D. But on the other hand, maybe Riku finally grew out of his ridiculous pants stage.

Riku. Hot. Dying. this sort of sex is NOT FAIR to put on a GBA!!!
nice really i think this is just creepy

not too pointed with the imagery, are you, guys? nice work.
really i think this is just creepy

but i do like that it hangs from the ceiling like a potted plant. There's totally plenty of room for more than one person in those pods *coughs*
ROXAS HI HI ROXAS favorite end title

favorite end title

Have i seen this before? I think i have. I really like this random statement, out of all the random ones they shoot at you.
and this art too
and this art too

I really loved these two pieces of art, i love the growth-spurtyness of them. BOYS. YAY BOYS.


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