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I'm at the point in the summer where I hate my job and am sore all the time and can't ever get anything written or knitted or watched or even play with the rats enough. I have a math test tomorrow as well, which is heightening my ennui.

To distract myself, I've been playing KH2 until 3am and bothering people rampantly on IM (yes i know you are trying to write your original novel/do your own homework/solve world hunger but OMG PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEE).

I've already cried once, when you switch back to Sora, which means this is going to be a bad bad ride. laylah pointed out that it's interesting how they use CoM and the beginning of this game to distance you from the hero's (Sora's) point of view, and I will just add that it's more than distance, since Sora has NO IDEA about not only what happened to Riku and everybody else in between the two games, but not even what happened to himself.

I mean, the goal of CoM is very clearly, beat-you-over-the-head clearly, two things:

A) Riku is alone. The whole time you are dicking around in a large party, picking members and complaining about how they are crap and abusing your potions and what not, Riku is alone. There is no one in his party, and when you get to CoM, there isn't even anybody in his WORLDS, they're all empty. The only person you see are Ansem, Organization members, Repliku (don't even get me started on the wrong of that) and Sora, who shows up with ten friends and then tries to beat the crap out of you every time.

Riku makes me so, so unbearably sad, because playing him shows you that he's under no illusions about how much the suck he was in the last game.

B) All the Organization members that you've been beating up and sending into the void? they like being themselves. They like BEING, and they don't know where they go when they stop, but they know they aren't coming back. This is like, the worst lesson ever to learn for somebody (like me) who plays by hammering the X button and bludgeoning everything in my path to death. Had a good time beating people up as Sora, didn't you? Riku's the one who has to stick around in Repliku's last moments and try to be comforting.

So you start out with Roxas, tooling about and being adorable, and just after you fall ridiculously in love with him, Square says "HAHA, like that did you? TOO BAD cause you have to get rid of him and be Sora now."

And I DON'T WANT TO because it can only end in me using Sora to make a whole bunch of people that i really like disappear. Forever. Again.

On a happier note: VOICE CHANGES. I love the voice cracking! and Sora's new outfit (uhm, there is a big yellow X marking your ass, sweetie, which is maybe why people keep slapping it) and how instead of just cracking up at himself, Sora looks all cringy-self-conscious. so fucking adorable.

And AXEL! AXEL AXEL! *keens* he's gorgeous and hot and awesome and heartbreaky already, and Namine-crayoned BFF AXEL/ROXAS was so adorable I want to die. Does anybody have a screenshot of that?

There may have been other stuff i wanted to say, but i really just want to go back to playing.

in other news, i have Yen Sid trauma. SOCREEPYOMG.
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