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An Addiction Within an Addiction

I am now totally addicted to the Gummi Ship minigames. It's just like Star Fox, the only game i was ever good at on the N64! Y HALO THAR 4AM.

In fandom news, I had an interesting couple days. For one thing, I finally tied musesfool in number of fandoms written in (roundabout 33-34, we both have fandoms that are negligable/combinable) which is cause for MUCH GLEE. She'll one-up me kind of immediately; mine is a transient glory.

Also, during the anonymous drabble writing, I was not only mistaken for marksykins, but marksykins and prillalar were both guessed as me. AHAHAAH ALL YOUR BNF ARE BELONG TO ME.

And finally, my dad just came home from work with some printed out pages regarding the death pools in HP fandom, and asked if i had ever heard of a site called "The Leaky Cauldron".

O.o my life is strange.
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