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The AU where Sora isn't a twit

mousapelli: *makes best KH cosplay joke EVAR*
laylah: "yeah, that'd be great if Sora remembered any of that."
mousapelli: ".................oh FUCK ME."

I curse you and your stupid achy play for a zillion hours and make me kill a bunch of people i like a whole lot better than myself right now fandom. CURSE, I SAY.

*whines* i could make Roxas do it, but it wouldn't be half as funny.

So since it is useless, go ahead and have the damn joke:

Sora swings the Rumbling Rose a few times, appreciating its heft, while Donald and Goofy make rather tired 'ooh' and 'aah' noises.

"Well," Goofy scratches the back of his head when the Beast gives him a dirty look, "it is his ninth keyblade in the last twenty-four hours alone…"

"Hey, guys, watch this!" Sora calls, then swings the keyblade through the familiar whirl of his combo. "HUH! HWA! BACK OFF!"

On the last grunt, Sora whangs the blade into the stone of the wall; a burst of pink petals rains down over Sora's head.

"Look," Sora strikes a pose, tossing his hair, "I'm Marluxia!"

After a moment of silence, Donald says, "You've got to be kidding me" and Sora pouts and says they are no fun.
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