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Two Things

1. All of you in the Ocean's 11 fandom should go sign up for the second Take the House fic exchange, run by musesfool (and in theory, me, only Victoria does all the hard work and i just make sexy icons and freeload). Last year turned up a lot of great fic, and i'm sure this year will be just as awesome. Represent the small fandom, yo!

2. I've watched The KH2 Opener where Sanctuary plays on youtube about 7 times now, and even made marksykins watch it too, and it just gets more and more awesome each time. *rolls around in it* the staaaaairs, and the re-cut fight scenes just...just...

GAH when i actually finish (i'm totally close, just finishing up journal stuff) Sanctuary is going to be able to reduce me to tears even faster than Simple and Clean does now.
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