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Fic, KH, A More Valuable Lesson

Title: A More Valuable Lesson [Kairi/Sora/Riku]
Rating/Warnings: R for instructional blowjobs. Ostensibly happens after the end of KH2, but not really spoilery.
Summary: Sora protects Riku's honor from roving bands of girls, and Kairi teaches both of them a new trick.
AN: Thanks to laylah and jpegasus, who have been listening to me whine all week long. Honestly, whoever stole my funny needs to give it back right the hell now *is piteous*

Also, Sora's little dilemma at the end here actually happened to somebody i knew in college.

A More Valuable Lesson

Somehow, in all those daydreams Sora had been having about being safe at home and hanging around on the beach with Kairi and Riku, he'd failed to factor in the nine months a year of high school.

"Oh my god!" Sora's lab partner giggled, twisted around on her stool to lean her elbows on the table behind them, where her two friends were sighing dreamily. "I just about died, and then he touched me! Well, he touched my book, as he was handing it back to me…"

What unbelievable bastard invented double lab periods anyway, Sora wanted to know as he tipped half a tube of something blue into a glass thingy full of something clear. "Turns purple" he wrote in the blank on the lab sheet marked 'x equals ____' and then added "froths energetically" after a moment's consideration.

"I swear, he stared at me for like a full fifteen seconds!" Sora's partner reached up to twine the tail of her pigtail around her fingers, and Sora wondered if hooking an ankle around her stool and yanking would get him a flash of panties on the girl's way down before she got back up and beat the crap out of him. "And then he said the most romantic thing!"

Kill me, Sora mouthed across the classroom, miming slitting his wrists on the edge of the lab table, and over by the windows Kairi and Selphi smiled and waved back at him before turning back to their experiment.

"He said, 'excuse me, but you're blocking the door to my classroom.' "

"Oh my GOD!" one of the girls squealed behind Sora, the pitch of her voice cracking the glass tube in his hand, or maybe that was the fact that the chalkboard screech of her voice startled him into dropping it. "He totally noticed you! Lucky!"

"He was so chatting you up!" the other insisted. "Did he say anything about your hair, because it's totally cute today?"

"Riku is far too mature for such materialistic concerns," Sora's partner informed them, and before Sora could stop himself, a snicker escaped.

He pressed his lips together and swallowed when three pairs of heavily-mascaraed eyes swiveled towards him and regarded him like an insect pinned in a box.

"Do you have something to sa—" Lucky Girl began, but Sora's lab partner held up a hand to quiet her, tapping her cheek with a nail of quite unbelievable length.

"Sora," she said, her glance down at the name blank of the lab paper barely noticeable, really, "aren't you friends with Riku?"


"And if the beaker hadn't exploded right then," Sora concluded, eyes huge and fervent, "I think they might have dissected me!"

"Hmm." Kairi, calf-deep in the ocean, bent over and swept her hands through the surf, then eyed the shell she'd scooped up critically before tossing it back in with a pwip. Beside her discarded shoes and knee-highs, Sora was sitting just at the water's edge, uniform pants rolled up so the waves could ripple over his bare feet.

"And then they made me clean it up all alone!" Sora continued, lower lip stuck out so far you could have landed dragoons on it.

"And gee," Kairi straightened up and put her hands on her hips, "that's nothing like last year, when you used to make me do all the work while you and Wakka tried to figure out how to use a Bunsen burner to make Selphie's skirt blow up around her waist."

"If only I knew then what I know now," Sora sighed, then waved a few fingers and grinned innocently when Kairi's plaid uniform skirt fluttered around her thighs.

"Hey, what did I tell you about that?!" Kairi demanded, slapping her hands down against her traitorous clothing.

"It's only a little Aero," said an amused voice behind Sora, "you big baby."

Sora flopped down backwards in the sand and pouted up at Riku. "Girls tried to kill me to learn your weaknesses, Riku, but I was strong! Even when they said they'd let me keep most of my fingers if I just told them how to get your attention!"

"Try a cock and a keyblade!" Kairi hollered, and Sora, still pouting up at Riku, threw a clump of sand at her without looking.

Without pulling his eyes away from Sora's, Riku rolled one of his wrists, and the glint of the blizzaga trinket forced Sora to cover his grin with the back of his hand when there was a curse and splash from the water.

"You j-j-jackasses!" Kairi's chattering teeth just made Sora and Riku laugh harder as she flailed and struggled back to her feet. "I j-j-just washed th-th-this unif-f-form!"

"You poor b-b-baby," Riku teased, tossing his jacket into the sand beside Sora and strolling out into the surf. Kairi shrieked when Riku reached down and, instead of setting her upright, grabbed her around the waist and threw her over his shoulder. "Come on!" Riku had to practically shout to be heard over both Sora's laughter and Kairi's indignant shrieks. "Let's go out to the islands!"

"We have homework!" Kairi pounded on Riku's back, but she was starting to laugh too, and Sora was already leaping to his feet and bundling up their shoes in Riku's jacket. "I have to go home! Put me down, you neanderthal!"

Sora got a flash of panties and then some when Riku dumped Kairi into his boat, but what they were really going to pay for later was the high-five.


"We're really sorry, you know," Riku assured, nuzzling Kairi's cheek.

"Really really," Sora added on her other side. He shifted closer to Kairi so that his head was pillowed on her shoulder rather than the bark of the tree behind them. The tree was much more comfortable to sit on than to press your neck against, but at that moment it was keeping anybody who might be on the other islands from seeing the way Sora was flicking Kairi's shirt buttons open with casual fingers, or the way Riku's hand was splayed across her thigh just under the hem of her skirt.

"I'd be more inclined to believe you if you weren't both grinning like monkeys," Kairi retorted, but leaned her head back against Sora's when Riku's lips drifted down over her neck. She lifted one hand to lazily run her fingers through Riku's hair. "Are you still growing your hair out? You'll have ponytail soon."

"I like it this way," Sora protested, leaving off from Kairi's buttons to slide his hand into Riku's hair on the other side, rubbing the pads of his fingers against Riku's scalp. He used his thumb to brush the strands falling across Riku's forehead away, and hummed in approval at the way Riku's eyelids were fluttering.

"Because your advice on hair is so clearly to be trusted." Riku's retort came out more like a purr, and Kairi's snicker of agreement turned into a breathy squeak when Sora fisted his fingers more tightly in Riku's hair and yanked him close enough to kiss.

"Oh," Kairi said, eyes trailing helplessly after the trace of Riku's tongue over Sora's bottom lip, forcing him to slow. Reaching down to wrap fingers around Riku's wrist, she pushed his hand further up under her skirt, shivering when he splayed his fingers wider. "Don't stop."

Sora opened one eye to give her a Look without pulling his mouth away from Riku's. "Wahn't panning o—aah!" His mouth fell open when Kairi reached up with her free hand to poke him in the hinge of his jaw, and Riku lost no time in taking advantage of the situation.

The very promising alignment of factors was jostled slightly askew by Kairi wriggling out from underneath them.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Riku broke away from a dazed Sora to ask.

"Nowhere." Kairi smiled at them innocently as she smoothed her skirt back down, then pushed Riku off the precarious support of his elbow and down onto his back with a grunt. Then she turned her smile, which was suddenly a bit sharp, to Sora. "And didn't I tell you not to stop?"

"Somebody's been reading too much BL manga again," Sora grumbled, but slid in flush with Riku's side readily enough and reached right back up to bury fingers in his hair. Riku's dry, slightly chapped lips weren't as soft as the strawberry-scented slide of Kairi's, but then again, Kairi didn't often let him be as rough either, complaining that the other girls talked about her when she let Sora nip her bottom lip puffy and flushed, teasing at her mouth until the sickly sweet gloss was gone and he could only taste the salt of her skin…

Sora only realized he'd drifted off a little when Riku gave a little grunt of surprise and pulled back, and was about to ask when he'd started minding the teeth as well, but just then turned his head just enough to realized what Kairi was doing.

Unzipping Riku's pants really slowly and one-handed, was what she was doing, while the other hand was thumbing the ridge of Riku's hip. Riku whimpered when Kairi reached inside to draw him out and Sora made an answering noise and kissed Riku again, harder.

It was tough to make out with somebody and keep an eye on Kairi as well, but Sora thought it was more than worth a little neck kink to see the expression on Kairi's face when she slid the tip of her tongue over Riku's tip and to feel Riku's body twitch against his. Sora took back everything bad he'd ever said about lip gloss when Kairi stretched her lips around Riku's cock and slid down, smooth and easy, keeping her eyes locked with theirs.

"Oh god," Sora said, shifting in the sand so that his own erection was more firmly pressed against Riku's thigh and rocking against him.

The added motion, along with Riku's gasps for air, made kissing rather impractical, so Sora tucked his head against Riku's neck and concentrated on just watching Kairi, the press of her mouth around Riku and the squeeze of her fingers at his base. Riku's hand, which had been warm against his back, slid up into the hair at the back of Sora's neck and tugged until Sora gave a soft groan and shuddered against his hip.

"Geez, Kairi," Riku's usual teasing tone was drawn tight and thin, "would you give Sora a turn before he loses it all over my leg?"

"Hmm," Kairi answered thoughtfully, the buzz of it making Riku swear, and she drew back, bringing up her hand to stroke Riku firmly in place of her mouth as she considered both boys. "I'm not so sure it's you he's jealous of, Riku."

"Huh?" Sora asked helplessly, eyes still firmly affixed to the tip of Riku's cock sliding in and out from between Kairi's fingers. Apparently Riku had caught on, though, because his hand tightened in Sora's hair just this side of too hard, making Sora hiss in pleasure.

"What do you say?" Kairi asked, and Sora managed to drag his eyes away from Riku's cock just high enough to see Kairi let go of Riku and lick the tips of her fingers. "Want to try?"

The sudden epiphany made Sora flush down to his toes and sink his fingers into Riku's skin in a bruising grip, but the noise that Riku was making, low and buzzing against Sora's ear, certainly didn't sound like pain.

"But I don't…" Sora's voice cracked, and he had to swallow hard before he could finish his sentence. "I don't have any idea how to do…that!"

"I'll tell you a secret," Kairi said, letting go of Riku with one hand to mock-shield her mouth from Riku's view. "It's really not that hard to please you guys."

Riku's splutter was cut off by another firm stroke from Kairi, and Sora muffled snickers against Riku's neck when Kairi lifted just two fingers off of Riku to flash them a V along with her cheerful smile.

Sora was already wriggled halfway down the sand beside Riku when Riku's unsteady, "You don't have to," made him freeze and look back. Riku's eyes were wide and green, his cheeks bright pink, and he only met Sora's eyes for a second before looking away.

Digging his fingers into the sand and flexing them, Sora felt his own face heat. "If you don't want me to…" Sora trailed off at the distraction of Riku running his tongue over his bottom lip, then jerked his own gaze away. "I probably won't be any good anyway."

"No," Riku said, then pushed himself up on his elbows when Sora's jaw dropped a little, "I mean, I didn't mean that…"

"Are you two serious?" Kairi demanded, making both of them jump and stare at her. "You," she planted a hand in the middle of Riku's chest and pushed, "lie down! And you," Kairi crooked her finger at Sora and narrowed her eyes, "get your ass down here."

"Yes, ma'am!" they both said as Riku hit the sand with a thump and Sora scrambled to obey. His heart was pounding in his ears and Riku's eyes felt like they were burning a hole in the top of Sora's head as Kairi coaxed him into kneeling in between Riku's legs and dusting the sand off his palms.

"Uh," Sora swallowed hard, glancing nervously from Kairi to Riku's cock, trying not to look at anything too long. "What do I…"

"Start with this." Kairi reached over to pick up Sora's hand and curled it around Riku. She left her own hand curled over top of Sora's as she guided him in a slow stroke. Riku's cock felt hot and a little tacky against his palm, and when he tightened his grip, Riku's ragged breath made the hair on the back of Sora's neck stand up.

It really made perfect sense to lean forward just a little more and lick the smooth, shiny tip of Riku's cock when it slid out of Sora's fist. He was so surprised when it didn't taste bad—mostly just salty, really—that he took another, longer lick just to be sure.

"Fuck, Sora!" Riku's curse jerked Sora out of his daze, and he pulled his mouth away from Riku, cheeks flaming.

"I knew you'd be a natural!" Kairi laughed, settling more comfortably on her stomach in the sand next to Sora and nudging his shoulder with hers. She slid her hand off his, down to brush knuckles against Riku's balls. "You aren't going to stop, are you?"

Riku cleared his throat, and Sora looked up to find him propped up on his elbows again. His hair was covering his eyes, his skin flushed, and when he spoke, the rough edge in his voice made Sora shudder. "Don't stop."

"O-okay." Sora cursed internally when his voice cracked—damn puberty—and decided that maybe he should just follow orders before he embarrassed himself any further. Holding Riku steady, Sora wrapped lips cautiously around his tip, and when nothing seemed to go wrong, slid them down Riku to bump into his fist.

Or tried to, anyway.

"Whoa there, cowboy!" Kairi giggled when Sora came up coughing. She pulled her hand away from Riku to slide it into Sora's hair, slowing down his movement. "There's no hurry. Just take it slow," she urged, tugging on Sora's hair when he went for Riku's cock just a little too eagerly again. "And careful with the teeth."

"Please," Riku added quickly, and Sora rolled his eyes and snorted as best he could with a full mouth.

"There you go," Kairi cuddled up closer to Sora's side despite Riku's leg being sort of in the way, and brought her mouth close enough to murmur directions directly into his ear, "just like that," and she tugged Sora back up an inch or so when his lips came close to his fist.

"Hnnn," Sora growled in annoyance, making Riku yelp, until he finally caught on that Kairi was urging him into a steady up-down bob, one that Riku's hips were starting to press up into until Kairi took her hand out of Sora's hair and pushed him firmly back down against the sand.

"Not bad, for a first try," Kairi said, nudging Sora's shoulder again when he gave an indignant hiss; they both ignored Riku's groan. Kairi slipped her fingers over Sora's hand again. "But you might want to try more of a stroke, rather than a clutch…"

"Wait!" Riku said suddenly, and Sora ignored him in favor of concentrating on making his fist and mouth slide and tug in a motion that didn't let Riku choke him—what idiot made blowjobs so complex?!—but he did hum in his throat a little when Riku's fingers slipped in against his hair and twisted in his spikes. "So…hunh…Sora…"

Every part of Riku went stiff all at once, his hips shoving up hard enough to drive Sora's fist into his mouth, his hand yanking at Sora's hair, and Sora was pulling back to curse at Riku good and loud when the first burst of come nailed him right in the 'bitter' taste buds, making him splutter in surprise and creating a smaller, much less sexy explosion than Riku's.

"Nice," Kairi said, thumbing a drip off her cheek.

"Shut up!" Sora grinned, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, then blinking at it when it came away with not only a streak of white, but also some blood. He hissed a little when he ran his tongue over the split in his bottom lip.

"Oh god!" Riku tried to scramble backwards and thwacked his head on the tree behind him. "Sorry! You're bleeding! I couldn't help it!"

"That was totally easy!" Sora announced to Kairi, completely ignoring Riku's apologies and scrabbling. "You girls are whiners."

"I was working on him for like five full minutes before you even touched him!" Kairi protested, reaching over to shove Sora. They tussled for a few seconds, Riku reaching down to shield anything delicate once things turned violent, until Kairi got a firm grip on one of Sora's nipples and tweaked hard.

"OW!" Sora scrambled back up to where Riku was sitting, grabbing at Riku's shoulder and kicking at Kairi. "Riku, help already, she's abusing m—um!" Sora's tattling cut off when Riku turned his head and kissed him square on the mouth.

Sora's eyelids fluttered shut as Riku slid his palm over Sora's cheekbone to hold him steady. His erection, which had wilted under the onslaught of humiliation and complex directions, stirred slightly to press against the outside of Riku's thigh.

"Oh!" Sora said suddenly, putting hands on Riku's chest to push him back. Riku blinked at him in surprise, and Sora dropped his eyes, cheeks pinking. "You shouldn't! I taste like…you know."

"Blood too," Riku replied, then leaned over and kissed Sora again. Sora mumbled a few other things before deciding that fisting his hands in Riku's shirt and kissing him back were much more important, and he melted easily into Riku's side when Riku got an arm around his back to pull him closer.

When Kairi finally cleared her throat, making Riku chuckle and break the kiss, Sora spent a few hazy seconds staring back and forth between them before he could make any sense out of what they were saying over the blood rushing in his ears.

"…don't suppose you might help my best friend out here?" Riku was asking, moving his arm from Sora's back to sling around his shoulders companionably.

"Geez, what do you think I am, a machine?" Kairi demanded, but she was laughing as she hiked her skirt up enough to get her knees around Riku's leg and reached for Sora's belt.

"Hey," Sora leaned his head back against Riku's shoulder to pout at him, "you always get girls to do your dirty work for you?"

"What?" Riku's jaw dropped. Kairi made a choked noise that was not at all like a giggle.

"Cause I would never…" Sora started, then cut off with a whoop when Riku's arm went from resting on his shoulders to clench around his neck and he used his other hand to knuckle Sora's hair.

"You lying bastard," Riku was shouting as Kairi reached up, laughing almost too hard to even get a good grip on him, and tugged him off of Sora, then kept on tugging until he was sliding down to crouch in the sand beside her. Sora pushed Riku's head down on his way by as he settled more comfortably.

His laughter cut off abruptly when he cracked the back of his head against the tree.

"Aw, did Sowa hit his wittle head?" Riku teased, reaching up to push his hair out of his eyes and grinning with far too many teeth for Sora's liking. "Want me to kiss it better?"

"Well, so long as you're down there," Sora edged up on his elbows to get a better view of Riku doing one-handed battle with Sora's zipper, "I mean, I think it's only fair…mmm…since I took one for the team so nobly that you return the—HEY, watch the teeth!"

"Eh," Kairi settled herself on her stomach, kicking her feet in the air, and waved a hand, "you're fine."


"Kairiiiiii!" Sora made his eyes as wide and blue as he possibly could, but for some reason it seemed to be having no effect on the rate at which Kairi was propelling him towards their lab.

"Oh, shut up," Kairi said, voice low. "If you didn't want to be caught by girls, you shouldn't do that sort of thing in the girls' bathroom! How did you even get Riku in there?!"

"The eye trick works on him," Sora sighed dramatically, "and anyway, if boys caught us, they'd beat the crap out of us! Girls just want to squeal and take pictures with their phone, usually. Sometimes Riku gets really into that, you...OW, it was a joke, chill out!"

They dodged into the classroom just as the bell chimed, and Kairi flashed their teacher an innocent smile as she took a final jab at Sora's kidney and shoved him towards his table. Sora slumped into his seat while the teacher started explaining the lab they were going to start and tried to ignore the girls behind and beside him, who were already going at it again.

"He's growing his hair out, you know! It'll look sooo sexy in a ponytail!"

It would have been impossible to concentrate even if he weren't still just a little uncomfortable from before class, Sora grumbled to himself while tonguing the split in his bottom lip that was never going to heal at this rate. Stupid Kairi, interrupting…Sora propped his elbows on the lab table and tried not to fidget too much while he thought about the look on Riku's face when Sora had shoved him against that bathroom door, cheeks staining pink, mouth open…

"Here." Sora's lab partner, shoved what looked like a really long Q-tip in Sora's face, almost startling him into tipping his stool backwards.

"What's that for?" Sora asked, grabbing the edge of the table and righting himself just in time.

"Weren't you paying attention at all?" The girl blew her bangs out of her face and shoved the stick into Sora's hand. "Swab the inside of your cheek with this so we can look at your gross geek cheek cells under the microscope!"

"The inside of my…" Sora's eyes opened wide when the implications of that finally sank in. "I can't! You have to do this one!"

"Like I would stick that thing in my mouth?" The girl wrinkled her nose and turned back to her friends. "Who knows where that's even been!"

Still holding the swab, Sora looked frantically around the room and found nothing but students dutifully swabbing the insides of their cheeks. He hissed Kairi's name a few times and waved his swab as hard as he could, but the only person's attention that he attracted was the teacher's.

"Can I do something for you?" she asked, coming to loom over Sora, arms crossed.

"I can't do this lab, ma'am," Sora said, praying for the gods of pout to work some sort of laboratory miracle.

"And why not?"

"I really couldn't say," Sora held the swab out in front of him, although he wasn't sure whether he was offering it to the teacher or planning to use it for protection. "But trust me, please, I really can't—gwak!"

Sora tried to shake his head violently, but the teacher only tightened her grip on his chin and plucked the swab out of his hand. She poked the side of Sora's jaw so that it fell open, and Sora had time while she efficiently collected her sample and wiped it onto a slide both to contemplate his demise and to wonder where girls learned that trick anyway.

"Now, you see?" The teacher slid the slide into the microscope and bent over to peer in the eyepiece while she adjusted the focus. "There's absolutely nothing…to…hmm…"

Across the room, Kairi was giggling so hard that she had to lean on Selphie, and Sora flipped her the bird before turning back to the teacher and his imminent doom. Dark red spots were appearing on the teacher's cheeks.

Left with no other choice but to steel himself for the inevitable, Sora just made his eyes as wide as possible and hoped for a roving band of heartless with every cell in his body, and a few of Riku's.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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