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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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So Close to Friday

Thanks for your support, guys, even though i've been mostly MIA all week. The thing about LJ is that I don't actually have to be in contact to read about your antics coughandyaoi_dailycough, so most of you are cheering me up without really knowing it.

I feel better than I did mid-week, and by better i mean 'don't want to kill myself right now'.

Special thanks to Oishi and Momo (doubles for three!) whose earlier giftage means that I will soon have the 4th L&O season and the 4th Inuyasha movie in my grubby little hands. (or wait, are we Renji/Yukimura/Sanada now? I'M CONFUSED.) Anybody who's interested, Amazon has the 4th movie for undr $12, which is a ridiculous steal in my opinion for Inuyasha entertainment.

Also hugs to musesfool because i am the worst co-mod EVER. i fail.
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