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Hyoratei Picspam

I haven't spammed you with rat pictures for quite some time, so have some fat rats and their new cage toys.

Attention! The new digs

Ohtori and Atobe just want a little lovin', like always.
The new digs

The boys got a new hammock, a wood house, and a cloth tube to tool around in. Also, a food dish that screws into the cage so they stop knocking it down for attention.
Ore-sama needs his space escape!
Ore-sama needs his space

Atobe insists it is necessary to take the froot loop the whole way down three ramps to eat in his special spot. every time.

Atobe and Ohtori make a break for it. Ohtori's eyes really don't glow creepily like that, i swear.
Quit moving my stuff! Silver Pair
Quit moving my stuff!

Ohtori got grumpy when i pushed the wheel out of the way to get a decent picture of him. he's shy!
Silver Pair

Unlike Atobe, the silver pair is content to eat directly next to the food dish, for faster froot loop reloading.
youtube? Ore-sama demands solitude

the rats are still suspicious of the tube, and refuse to run through it as of yet. sigh.
Ore-sama demands solitude

really, is it totally necessary? and then he looks at me like i'm just going to hand him more loops so he doesn't have to shuffle his pudgy butt back up the ramps.

a better shot of the new house, unoccupied. Shishido hasn't forgiven me for throwing out the rainbow wood thing he used to sit under.

super lame, shishido-san.
Hand me the water bottle *munchu munchu*
Hand me the water bottle

Ohtori enjoys a drink, while Atobe looks randomly sneaky. As the prime bowl-pusher, he's not happy about the attaching to the cage.
*munchu munchu*

It's kind of hard to get a good picture of Ohtori, but this one shows his coloring pretty well. My pretty siamese seal-pointed boy!

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