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Ike Ike Ike Seigaku!

Between work and writing (eeee) I've only managed to watch about 40 minutes of the Prince of Tennis live action movie while waiting for my brother to get home from college yesterday.

but, omg, so much squee. There were definitely parts where i screamed with laughter and pointed at the screen, and more than one character's appearance filled me with fannish adoration that hasn't been matched since I saw the first Inuyasha movie in a real movie theater for free.

Oh, Japan. You know exactly how to make movies with people we already love. the tiny touches, like Kaidoh's banadanas and Inui's juice and people casually thwocking balls back into baskets and Momo being all freshman-touchy, I just...I...*explodes with glee*

It's so good. It's so good.

But mostly, what I love most of all, is the fact that I'm watching a
Japanese movie, unsubbed, and understanding quite a bit of it, enough to really love it, from Momo's "Yoru jan!" to Atobe's "Kawaii, janai" to Echizen's "kuso."

It shouldn't be surprising, given how much anime i've watched and how much jpop i play in my car, but I can see so much difference between what I understood a year ago, or even six months ago, and as a classics major, feeling the source material becoming accessible to me directly, rather than through translation, is one of the most amazing feelings I ever have.

*wears the Fudomine jacket proudly*
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