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Yami to Hikari

I just want you all to know that I dug back out the super bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh! Hong Kong DVDs and have started watching them from the beginning again.

You know the ones I mean. "Wha! Me, Mr. Seahorse, take your Super Realist card, Green-eye White Monster!" "Game, come play Yu Gi with me." Also, I'm not sure if i mentioned this before, but almost all of Pegasus's lines are in English. So all that stuff you think is just bad translation, like "Yugi-boy"? It's totally what he's really saying.

This is so much easier to understand all the sudden. Who knew that I actually was going to learn a noticeable amount of Japanese from playing jpop in my car every single day? Bless you, Shounen anime.

Okay, i just saw the best subtitle i have ever seen.

Joey: "It is Yu Gi Motou, who win Kaiba, and his friend Jounouchi. And--" *waves at Anzu and Honda "--the gay follower!"

meanwhile, darkeyedwolf informs me that it's my turn. or should i say "Boku no TURNO ga!"
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