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FFVII and Loveless December

Five things about Final Fantasy VII

1. So it turns out you need a PS1 memory card to save PS1 games!
2. Which means i've seen the opening twenty minutes of the game 3 times now. Not very auspicious.
3.The menus have so much stuff on them, but fortunately they are very much like Kingdom Hearts menus, so I am muddling through. I don't have too much RPG experience outside of things like Pokemon and Dragon Warrior, and apparently this is NOT the place to start.
4. I do enjoy the fact that Cloud's dialogue involves phrases like "The finger?! What the hell?!" I am excited for the translation-ese.
5. I know the game is ten years old, (this will be the last time I whine about this, I swear, because there's nothing to do about it) but the polygons are sort of killing me. Except for Cloud's hair, which is killing me in the good way.

Five things about the December Loveless chapter.

1. Soubi! Tiny Soubi!
2. I love all the flashbacks, since Soubi has been all mysterious all this time, although I sort of mourn the loss of the inhuman mystery that he's been. Like, the stuff about his parents--I realize that he must have had parents, but i liked it better when he seemed to come out of nowhere.
3. RITSU-SENSEI. I like the theory that Soubi's mother was his fighter. Also the confirmation that Ritsu took Soubi's ears. I love how sad and detached Soubi is, and that they're showing the progression of how he becomes Seimei, which explains a lot about the stuff he does as he's becoming ritsuka's.
4. I feel, hmm, not bad exactly for Nisei, but clearly his faith in Seimei is misplaced (as is just about everybody's faith in Seimei). I'm sure we'll get to more of Seimei's agenda pretty quickly here, but I don't really see what the goal is.
5. The Ritsuka/Soubi wasn't anything like as powerful as it was last chapter, but the chest-squeezy from last time lingered. The way they call each other's names like it's the only dialogue they ever have has always killed me, and it's used to such effect. I wish the anime were ongoing, because nothing moves me like the way Junko yells "SOUBI."
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