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Halloween Drabbles finished!

I finally got around to finishing all the Trick-or-Treat requests. Here's what turned up in the end:

3 Johnny's Entertainment, including Jin gluing peeps to his chest, Jin and Pi talk Kame into a group costume, and Koyama is the ugliest geisha.

1 Harry Potter: Hermione finds Remus's costume questionable.

1 Supernatural: Dean has flexible morals where candy is involved.

2 Loveless, including Soubi's costume is questionable, and Kio realizes that Soubi is not normal.

1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Riza kicks ass.

1 Ouran Host Club: Tamaki has a costume suggestion.

3 Kyou Kara Maou, including Yuuri and Wolfram have matching costumes, Yuuri ends up in his underwear, and Murata and Yuuri just hang out.

1 Death Note: Watari cheers up Misa.

3 Prince of Tennis, including Fuji likes Taka-san's costume, Kaidoh wants to kill himself, and Fuji and Inui go T-or-Ting.

1 Kamen Rider Kabuto: Tendou hates peeps

3 Aim for the Sky!, including a Bijou crossover with Topaz, some Tachiki/Tsukada with chocolate, and Asakawa is a vampire.

5 Hikaru no Go, including Shindou and Touya dress as each other, some ice cream, the Meijin knows it's always about Go, Hikaru and Waya are left to their own devices, and Shindou and Touya watch themselves on TV.

1 w-inds.: Keita is devious.

1 Off*Beat: Tory, Paul, and Colin play a peaceful video game.
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