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Let's all be careful of synchronization in small places

what is with the glut of really glorious TV lately? I have no time for this!

I read the first D.Gray-man, and then i watched the first one, and the lead kid is A) adorable as fuck, B) voiced by Touya Akira, and C) ADORABLE AS FUCK. He can kill demons and has white hair and this little thing that looks like a Golden Snitch with a tail follows him around and so much yes. yes.

Marks says there's a bunch of other people in there too, like Shori and Yuuri. You know i'm terrible at that.

A batch of new Kamen Rider Kabutos just came out too, which i have dled but not watched yet, and Marks is trying to pimp the Hitman thing that Keita (from w-inds.) wrote the endtheme for, and hal is trying to pimp akihabara@deep, which marks says is really hot too.

And Supernatural! and Heroes! and Dexter! wtF, tv? save a little for next season!
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