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Holiday Feelings

I have a lot of crazy things to be thankful for this year:

♥ My family. After living for two years so far away from them, it's a huge relief to be so near my parents and brothers and sister-in-law. My family is kind of like its own fandom, since we are all so much alike. Specifically this year, I'm thankful NaNo has finally given my father the impetus to start writing (he's going to finish this year too), because it's brought him much closer to me and to my one brother.

♥ My job. I know it doesn't sound like it these days, but really I was very lucky that the position I have opened up just as I graduated. I'm being paid very well, and once I get my feet under me, I will be really good at it.

♥ The internet. So much of my overseas fandoms and music and news would be completely inaccessible to me if it weren't for the internet. I love the culture shock and the language kink and the fact that I can always find something new to learn.

♥ My flist. I've said this before, but you can't know how deeply I mean this: if I did not have livejournal, I would not have finished grad school. Before I had you guys, I wrote all the time, but it wasn't until I got here that you all made me an author (I swear that makes sense to me). Mostly my flist fills me with the sense that I am never alone, that it's okay to like what I like and to do the things I do. You answer my questions and give me unconditional love, and someday when Jin learns English and sues the crap out of me, I bet at least one of you is a lawyer.

My flist is always HAPPY. If an entire continent exploded, killing thousands, there would still be one person at skip=40 going "OMG KKM 68 IS OUT YAYZ."

I can never leave LJ, no matter what Sixapart does to it, because it is what brought me to you all, and also to myself.

♥ Instant messenger. It's a little weird, but IM is usually the place where I feel like I make the leap from somebody being a familiar LJ name to being an actual friend. It's tough for me to do, as I suffer from immediate "omg I'm not cool enough to talk to yooooou" syndrome when chatting with somebody I really like, but it has been so, so worth it. I adore all of you on my blist, and you can't know how much being able to have the most inane conversations with you fills me with love and sanity.

♥ Crossdressing Cloud. because. Just. Diamond Tiara. AMAZING.
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