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I find this utterly appropriate, especially since icarusancalion is the person who finally convinced me to join LJ in the first place (although I'm not sure if Icarus knows that).

icarusancalion 110%
heinous_bitca 102%
sarcasticchick 102%
gemfyre 99%
seviet 97%
chaos_rose 95%
greenapricot 95%
thistle_chaser 95%
ashkitty 91%
copperbadge 91%
ataniell93 86%
tradesland 84%
mattyweav 80%
tocomfortyou 76%
villainny 62%
How compatible with me are YOU?

In other news, I'm worse off than copperbadge when it comes to sexual compatability (although you ARE on my list, Sam). The closest is 49% (ataniell93, i TOLD you we should've gotten it on after the potion-mixing meme *g*)

ataniell93 49%
villainny 44%
sarcasticchick 41%
gemfyre 34%
copperbadge 33%
chaos_rose 21%
How sexually compatible with me are you?
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