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A bunch more random Yu-Gi-Oh! thoughts

1. A few things that just crack me up

1a. Yugi's new transformation sequence involves rainbows. I die.

1b. I've become convinced that if Dark Magician is based on Kaiba's ancient counterpart, then Dark Magician Girl is totally based on Yugi. She's adorable and petulant! I want her boots. There's Yami/DM/DMG/Kaiba/Yugi porn in here someplace, but i can't quite work out how.

You know Kaiba uses his imaging system to make the DM and DMG do it, and when Mokuba walks in on him says he's just testing his 'hardware.'

1c. They keep subbing people's derisive snorts as "Pish." Pish! (then again, since they definitely subbed Bandit Keith as Paul Douglas at one point, i shouldn't expect anything better.)

1d. Yami has started yelling "I WILL DEFEAT GOD."

2. Mokuba is so cute i want to EAT HIM.

2a. Japanese Mokuba is a hell of a lot more badass than i remember him being in English. He's basically running the whole Battle City tournament while Kaiba dicks around watching Yugi and jerking people around. AND THEN Kaiba makes the kid lug around the huge metal suitcase of his cards which is the size of Mokuba.

2b. Speaking of that, i think what kills me the most is how much Mokuba adores his older brother. He's usually just hanging out nearby, kicking his feet and watching his brother with a proud grin. He's so fuscking cute, and while we're on the topic of that, he's going to grow up and be GORGEOUS.

2c. Mokuba is the mediator for the tournament, so he has a whistle and when people are jackasses shows up and goes "FWEEEEET I'm the mediator of this tournament, Kaiba Mokuba!" and have i mentioned how adorable this kid is?

3. Why Yugi's first duel against the Osiris card is the coolest duel ever (except maybe the Seal of Oricalchos duel, but that's entirely different and anyhow i'm not there yet).

3a. I always liked this duel, even way back when i saw it in English. Firstly, because i like that the god cards have rules, not just a billion atk and def points. This one, where you get 1000 atk points for each card you have in your hand, is particularly cool.

3b. And secondly, how Yugi beats him always struck me as AWESOME. Because this jackass's whole plan was to keep drawing cards until you couldn't beat his monster, Yugi is all "okay, if that's what you want" and not only uses that incredibly irritating unkillable slime to block Osiris over and over, he sets up the endless loop so that the Ghoul (or Marik) just draws over and over until he runs out of cards. FUCKING GENIUS.

3c. Also Kaiba makes a lot of random comments about how only he can beat Yugi and Yugi is his rival, while Mokuba lugs the suitcase around and gazes at his brother with fond affection for his neuroses.

I've seriously been watching way, way too many of these. Hey does anybody know what the word Marik is using for 'vessel' is in the Japanese? He keeps using it over and over, but I can't quite catch it.
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