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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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more strange presents to be in the mail soon. We likes causing trouble, precious, yesssssss.

I was at the wal-mart purchasing godkid toys, when I acquired two new My Little Ponies, one of which is named Starflower! jpegasus, i'm pretty sure it's the new version of the one you had! Although it isn't a unicorn in this incarnation, it is blue and has rainbowy hair. If i hadn't already mailed you your junk...

Re: AftS! advent: Tomorrow I have slated for Tsukada/Tachiki, but have nothing specific planned. Suggestions? Prompts? I'm looking at you, Haru-kun (and maybe Pond).

PS--there completely needs to be art of the nameless freshman in his green sweatshirt, giving Tachiki the finger if at all possible. Mouses wish they possessed the ability to art, yus.

ETA: I FORGOT. Adium is fixed! no more kicking me off all the time! something seems to be wrong with YM file transfer, but aim file transfer seems to be kicking again. Someday it will all work correctly, really.
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