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Woez. but really a big pimp

Full of job woez. Hurry UP christmas. I need you to free me from these people so I can write and crochet and all that other jazz.

SO. for the purpose of thinking about something else for ten minutes, here are ten reasons you should be in Aim for the Sky! fandom:

1. Because the whole thing is prillalar's idea, so you know it has to be great.

2. Lacrosse means ten regulars, so there are tons of boys running around and shoving each other and competing and wearing cups as elbow guards. Have no idea how to play lacrosse? No worries; the boys are just learning too, so there's plenty of room for googling.

3. The streaker and the shougi genius are so completely married. And the shougi player is incredibly grumpy about it. And it's all marksykins's fault.

4. There is a tiny freshman who YELLS ALL THE TIME and threatens to KICK ALL YOUR ASSES YOU PANSIES. The freshman is teaching the Canadian exchange student Japanese by means of pornographic dating sims.

5. The captain and the badass have frequent scuffles for control, but it isn't really much of a scuffle because the badass wants to be pwned, clearly.

6. Because ponderosa121 has drawn us the hot, hot art. Not to mention our several other awesome fanartists drawing us the awesome and adorable art.

7. There are twins! who not only play lacrosse, but baseball as well, and are confusing on purpose.

8. There are three best friends who used to play tennis, and now they are learning to play lacrosse together, and if one of them is all wibbly about his ability to vice-captain, and another is kind of under the thumb of the badass, and the other one is kind of the biggest slut ever, well, they are still three best friends in a shounen sports series. ♥

9. We have an awesome website where the fic and profiles and art are cheerfully gathered for you (except for the most recent stuff because I am a slacker web updater, but that's what the comm is for and stuff).

10. Because I'm writing advent fic daily over on crosse_purposes, our comm, and I want attention. *is a comment whore* Just keep pressing next to get to the next one.

11. and most important, because you should go give big love to prillalar, marksykins, laylah, allira_dream, shiva_dawn, ponderosa121, and everybody else who plays with me in the crazy lacrosse fandom.

You want to play too, right?
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