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Dub-ious Tennis Action

Prince of Tennis dub on toonami tonight: I shouldn't watch it, as i know it will just cause me pain, but my brother watched it with me, so maybe he'll get involved. (omg, floraheart, are your kids getting into this? cause there is sports math dorkery, and you should be on that like dog hair on Remus's robes).

i think the rats are up to something, because the matches that usually sit next to my tea lights are missing, and the rats are being all obsequious and bugging at me for cuddles, which all three of them NEVER do at the same time.

laylah wrote me adorable KH Sora/Kairi/Riku that involves a visit to santa, and you should all tell her she's the cutest thing on earth. While i'm on the topic, thanks also to marksykins and musesfool for their various RL giftses. ♥ to all!

and I made rikibeth's awesome cream cheese brownies today. OMG CRACK. so good! I'm a cow.

Now atobe is bruxing at me without provocation from my shoulder. Something is definitely up.
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