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Ar, Holiday Booty!

I don't have to go back to work until the 2nd! SO MUCH GLEE.

I saw Apocrypha with my dad this morning, which was excellent if violent, and then have been editing the Advent AftS! fic. I also paid off my website for this year and took a look at my webstats and such. Aside from the general fiction page and the SYWTTYARB file, which are always #1 and #2 respectively, the next biggest things down were the AftS! profiles page (50-some hits!), and then the Christmas in Hyoutei file.

Hurray! I'm glad others were enjoying my seasonal crack both from this year and from last.

Now that the holiday hullabaloo has died down, I can with certainty tell you that i got two of the most bizarre and awesome gifts of all time:

1) a stuffed penguin pillow with big headphones, and it turns out you plug your ipod into the penguins butt and his headphones are speakers!

2) a nutcracker dressed like a Roman Centurion. XD

I also got 2 seasons of south park and a giant pillow shaped like kenny, and a season of Simpsons, and the Everything Book of Conversational Japanese, and a bunch of other incredibly random stuff (tablecloth, wtf?). I'm thinking about spending some of my booty on a Nintendo DS. Thoughts?

Now to see how much fic i can finish up before i have to admit defeat in the new year. *cracks knuckles*
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