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Marks can only see my subject line

I've spent the last two days playing a ridiculous amount of FFVII and now am at Cosmo Canyon for the first time. I'm getting much more used to the interface and the constant need to switch people and materia in and out, but I am grated by the fact that my damned strategy guide has all these freaking typos in it, and a consistent lack of finer instructional detail when I need it.

♥ Reno and Rude's conversation about who likes who, though XD

Lots of people are uploading presents, prillalar and konzatsu in particular, and I have very little space on my computer and no time to watch all this awesome stuff. and NewS is back! Woohoo JE!

I went to a hockey game last night which featured poor skating and roughhousing and inability to keep a hold on sticks (God bless you AHL, you are SO much more entertaining than the NHL), and now I want to write AftS! fic where Marty-san is owed a favor by the hockey club and the whole lacrosse team does team bonding hockey.

I have less than 48 hours of vacation left :( I don't want to go back! I'm happy staying up until 4am writing and Buster-Blading things!

Reminder! We're about halfway through your window for chinkofairy, so don't forget to contribute!
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