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The Gizmometer Says That Fry is Dead and Nothing Can Bring Him Back

At some point during college, i realized that it was not common for other people to think about stuff all the time, in their heads, like i do and had just been assuming that everybody else was too.

Poll #906406 Adding to the Noise

I think about stuff all the time, basically every waking moment.

Yes, and it usually has nothing to do with what I'm actually doing.
Yes, but it's usually related to what i'm actually doing.

I would assume that a disproportionate number of you, being writers and journalers and things, would answer yes, you think about things a lot, but generally when I ask this question of RL people, they seem to think that I am a little cracked.

So we went to this comedy show (i swear this connects) in the back of Doc Holiday's (it's exactly as pathetic as it sounds), and as I'm sitting there, being smoked upon and knowing that my mother's promises of "it will only be an hour" are a patent lie, a chance question from the comic (oh how loosely I use the term 'comic') gets a drunken "yaaaayyyyy" from the crowd.

The question was "who here is getting laid tonight?"

And suddenly i think to myself, I'm surrounded by people who are a) drunk and b) getting laid, c) two of whom are my parents. And then I think, not only am I doing neither a nor b, but actually even if I did start getting drunk and find somebody to sleep with at that moment, both drinking and sleeping with somebody random will just end up with me feeling like crap, not only in the end, but as it's actually happening.

And then I thought, because I watch Futurama a lot, "Aw, I just made myself sad."

I find that this has been happening rather frequently lately, where in the midst of situations which are not requiring my full attention, and increasingly these days it takes at least two things to do that, such as watching tv and writing, or knitting and watching anime, i keep taking mental stock of how I feel about everything.

And I should stop, because i don't typically come away feeling very pleased.

I don't really have a point here, because since I can't remember a time where I wasn't talking to myself in my head all the time I'm pretty sure i'm not going to stop any time soon, nor is there really anything so heinously wrong that I should honestly even be complaining about it.

Increasingly, however, i think that the real key to being happier would be to be much stupider than I am. Certainly i was surrounded by a lot of much stupider, much happier people earlier this evening, many of whom are probably getting laid right now despite the fact that very few of them were even mildly attractive.

Before the 'comedy' I had been writing, but now I feel like my funny has all been drained by osmosis. so I guess I will just sit here next to the internet instead.
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