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There's Not Enough Moe

I watched a bunch more Akihabara@Deep last night, even though it was ridiculously late, and now I just have to DL the last two (anybody have a link for those, cause the torrents are kind of meh?). My love for Box-kun grows ever more fervent, and I want cubby porn. Porn that involves Page having the Strategy Guide for Kansaiben Whispers: REMIX-XX hidden under his pillow.

At some point yesterday I had an idea for a fic where boys from another fandom were watching Kuno-pan, the cute reporter, but now I can't remember who it was. Dammit, it was funny too! I am made of fail. It might have been w-inds.? I think Keita would think that she was working very hard.

I will tell you some other things too:

1. It's really motherfucking cold all the sudden. Wtf PA.

2. I in no way want to finish the laundry, clean the rats, write plans for tomorrow, or do anything else I need to.

3. The main upshot of my having a steady paycheck is that my collection of seasons of television shows on DVD is increasing exponentially. *materialistic* Bravestarr is coming out soon. STRENGTH OF BEAR. SIGHT OF HAWK.

4. RODDICK YAY. Seriously, if the Australian Open hadn't been on constantly all week, I might have had a nervous breakdown. And I keep hoping they will televise the PoT cosplayers.
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