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The Usual Sunday Night Business

No more tennis on TV all the time :( but this was an awesome tournament, and I saw a lot of amazing matches, even if they didn't air the men's doubles finals after all. Roddick did so well! Even if it always comes down to Federer in the end. And there was even new PoT OVAs to finish up today as well!

I want to give Oishi hugs, and watch ichinen do swing practice forever. Even if the new opening theme does not have catass in it. and nobody says 'Buchou' like Ryoma does. And Atobe rules me so, so much. Almost as much as the Silver Pair. WHO ARE NEXT YAY.

We keep having the fake snow. The climate, like everything else in my life except for Tennis, refuses to put out when it comes right down to it.

And now i will watch the second-to-last Akihabara@Deep! I should not watch both last ones because it is late and i have school tomorrow, but we all know how that usually goes.
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