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Please Go Back to Your Tree and Shit Quietly On Yourself

I just want to say, in case anybody thinks they are going to come over here and start some shit, that

A) posting anything in an anon hate meme is completely retarded. If you don't want to put your name on it, then perhaps you should rub two brain cells together and realize that you shouldn't be saying it.

B) I can't imagine what would possess you to say something like "I can't wait until mousapelli wakes up" in the aforementioned retarded anon hate meme. Look, I make my friends and you make yours, and trying to somehow include me in your retarded anon bad-mouthing of my friends is certainly not going to strengthen your case.

C) Goldie owns. And if you have something to say about that, frankly i don't want to hear it, because here in polite society it is ridiculously rude to talk smack about people like that. This is the internet, not a tree full of poo-flinging monkeys. Although you'd never know it.

D) And furthermore, you wish that you were as cool as the lint that Marks picks out of her bellybutton.
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