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Minimalist Hiakus


mousapelli: also at the chinese buffet
you know how all chinese restaurant employees more or less look alike
they're all wearing the same apron and look reasonably respectable and that sort of thing
marksykins: yes, sometimes a hat
mousapelli: well, this place had the one emo goth chinese buffet employee
slouching along disdainfully
with his very pale stuff and big earrings and super long hair
and i really had to try hard not to giggle every time i saw him condescendingly plunk down a container of peanut chicken or whatever
marksykins: the world is too weary for peanut chicken :|
mousapelli: he probably hides in the walk in freezer and reads minimalist hiakus
they're only 1-3-1
marksykins: hate/peanut sauce/sad
mousapelli: pink/momo-chan/fuck

And then later:

mousapelli: ten words of hikaru no go porn and you'll be putty in my hands
i can even write you a minimalist hiaku
black/it's your turn/white
marksykins: ...i love that
i/won't lose to/you
mousapelli: AHAHAHAHAH
marksykins: you know nothing's beating that

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