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Lucky Break

Well, this is a bit odd, but I woke up this morning with this drabble fully formed. I don't even LIKE Lily/Sirius. I've never read it, certainly. *shrugs*

A Lucky Break

Maybe it was the painkillers talking, but Lily couldn't remember a time when she had loved the two dark-haired men sitting next to her hospital bed more.

James was brilliant and brave, rather dashing actually. He was a damn fool for talking her into marrying him so young, but a cute romantic.

Sirius was thrilling and dangerous, and even though Lily nagged him constantly about it, she secretly loved clinging to him on his ridiculous flying motorbike.

Lily beamed down at her new dark-haired son, then at the two dark-haired men.

It really was fortunate they looked so much alike.
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