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But Where Is the Rabbit?

Barring a few more beta comments, the spring_fluff is done. I don't know why this challenge was so hard for me to get finished, but i was definitely unimpressed by the struggle :|

Speaking of exchanges, have some stuff:

A ton of Remioromen, alt or indi-ish japanese band, kind of like Spitz or a mellow Asian Kung-fu Generation. very good. They have cute PVs too, if you are willing to tool around youtube a little.

The first two Volumes of Under Grand Hotel, which are scanlated by Nakama and are HOT OMG HOT. Prison stories are not my thing (there's some violence and noncon here), but Swordfish is so hot with his dredlocks. Great art and story so far. Volume 3 is still in the process of being scanlated although the first couple chapters are out.

Sensitive Pornograph continues to remain active more than a year later, which always cracks me up. Seriously, WHO IS DLING THIS OVER AND OVER? XD This is the censored version, but eh, it's not hiding much. (I got the non-censored version recently, but they changed some of the subs a little, and i prefer this one honestly. "It's standing!").
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