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An Interesting Mousapelli Factoid

So, i have this problem. It is unrelated (i think) to the electrical problem.

(although speaking of that, yesterday i leaned over to dust off my TV's screen and my wrist was touching my laptop and when i touched the TV, i completed some sort of circuit, not like a shock, but a sustained BEING ELECTROCUTED until i yanked my hand away and anyhow now i have an electric burn on my wrist where it was touching the computer)

It's not even really a problem, it's just that, when i look at clocks? it's 10:24. not every single time, obviously, but a lot. very frequently. At least several times a week, sometimes twice a day. It's been happening for years and years, since elementary school.

Now, i realize that at this point, i have probably trained myself to just KNOW when it is 10:24 and then 'accidentally' look at the clock, because i make a big production out of it every time, and although i have a very poor sense of time, i'm sure anybody over a long enough period of training could probably do that.

but on the other hand, i long ago became convinced that 10:24 was trying to tell me something. BUT WHAT? is it a date? a time? October 24th? October of 2024? the birthday of my future husband? the time it will be when i die? A verse of the bible i should maybe read? How many fics i will finish in my lifetime? WHAT IS IT?!

There's really no point to this post. I just saw that it was 10:24 and felt like sharing that.
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