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Yunho's Fic: Nothing Comes Close

Title: Nothing Comes Close [Yunho/Jaejoong]
Rating/Warnings: R for middle of the night blowjobs
Summary: Sometimes things keep Yunho awake at night.
AN: Since LJ made a link, i decided that it ought to go someplace, and then wrote this little ficlet for the purpose. This is ostensibly the fic Jae links Yunho back to in "Completely and Utterly."

Nothing Comes Close

In the middle of the night, when thoughts of the next day's performance or Changmin's fight with the manager or Jaejoong's sore knee sometimes kept Yunho awake, Yunho sometimes got up for a snack, or sometimes took a hot shower, or sometimes went to the living room to watch terrible television until he fell asleep on the couch and woke up with a sore neck.

And sometimes he stayed right where he was, feeling the rise and fall of Jaejoong's chest against his back, the brush of Jaejoong's piercings against his skin. And sometimes, even though they had to be up at the crack of dawn for dance practice, Yunho rolled over and pushed the sheets off them to run hands off all the places where his back had just been touching Jaejoong.

"Mmm, Yuuuuun," Jaejoong mumbled, slapping a hand weakly against Yunho's bicep. "Quit. Giving 'it' ideas."

"It?" Yunho asked innocently bending to kiss Jaejoong's collarbone while he tugged at his belly-button piercing with teasing fingers. "Have to be more specific, Jae boo."

"Y'know." Jaejoong finally cracked his eyes open, and the glimmer of sleepy brown made Yunho's fingers curl a little. "It. About two inches south of where you're teasing me?"

"Ah," Yunho obligingly slid his hand down the aforementioned two inches, making Jaejoong groan. "It needs a cute nickname."

"Does not." Jaejoong slid fingers through Yunho's hair, scratching at his scalp with the tips of his nails and giving him a not-very-subtle push downwards. "Not like it comes when you call."

"Shows what you know," Yunho smirked, then slid down until he could breathe "Hello there" right against Jaejoong's cock, making it twitch and Jaejoong gasp. "See?"

"It's very clever," Jaejoong grunted, hitching himself up against the pillows for a better view. "We could call it the Choosey Lover."

"Wouldn't that be the least appropriate name ever," Yunho murmured, brushing his cheek along Jaejoong's length and giving him a grin that was mostly housed in his eyes.

"Maybe you aren't giving it enough incentive to stay faithful." Jaejoong tightened his grip in Yunho's hair and shifted it over until his tip was brushing Yunho's lips. "Maybe it's tired of all your blather and wants a little action."

Yunho was more than willing to give that a try, wrapping an arm underneath Jaejoong's waist to help hold him steady, and using his other hand to go back to toying with his navel piercing. His own cock had gotten more than a few ideas by the time Jaejoong was begging him with half-groans of his name. Yunho hummed his approval of that, and Jaejoong's back curled as he came over Yunho's tongue.

"See?" Yunho asked, pulling away and running his tongue over his lower lip. "Definitely comes when I call."

"Shut up," Jaejoong mumbled, pulling Yunho up and snuggling against him, already falling back asleep. It was a good thing it only took half a dozen strokes of Jaejoong's long, slender fingers to have Yunho coming as well, nose buried in the pillow-tangled hair curling over Jaejoong's neck. "Go back to sleep."

Sometimes when things kept Yunho awake in the middle of the night, curled around Jaejoong's back and his nose pressed against the dark lines of Jaejoong's tattoo, it was worth it.
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