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Cancel or Allow?

I get Jlist emails because i ordered from them, and they are always super entertaining, but today's had a tidbit about comedy routines:

"Another pillar of Japan's comedy world is "manzai," humor involving a two-man team that includes a dim-witted "boke" (boh-KAY, meaning fool) and his sharp-tongued "tsukkomi" (tsu-KOH-mi, meaning straight foil) sidekick, who act out complex comic sketches together. Manzai has been popular throughout the 20th century and has had a great influence on many areas -- for example, the characters of C-3P0 and R2-D2 indirectly owe their existence to this humorous tradition, via the films of Kurosawa. The most popular manzai team in Japan today is Bakusho Mondai, who are regular guests on news programs where they bring their witty commentary to bear on the events of the past week. If you've happened to see the Japanese version of Apple's "Get a Mac" ads, the duo playing the Mac and PC are two halves of a manzai comedy pair."

SO COOL! Actually if you've never seen the Japanese Mac vs PC ads, the security one kills me (it's subbed), but they are all adorable. The whole thing is doubly hilarious since my very favorite Mac vs PC ad has always been the Japanese Digital Camera Network one.

I love learning dorky things. DORKLOVE. I need a justin long icon.
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