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Books About Wizards = Still Cool

Just finished reading Proven Guilty, the most recent Dresden Files book.

My love for Jim Butcher just grows and grows.

What i was most pleased about was the Murphy/Dresden action, because it was totally unexpected, but perfect. And now i am filled with thoughts about little Dresden spawn tooling about it. DO IT MAN, omg.

I liked the stuff with the Carpenter family, and thought the resolution of Molly's plot was kickass. I can't wait for the next book. Also, i was totally amused by Michael's bland "yeah, i totally knew that" response to Harry.

I love Thomas more and more every book he's in. I thought he had better conversations with Harry last book, but kicked more ass in this one. I love him wearing Harry's duster with Harry's shotgun, because siblings = ♥

Next book: I hope the werewolves come back! Because they game. And Harry is a barbarian and smashes things. Amazing.

In short: if you are not reading Jim Butcher's Dresden series, you totally should be. They're smart and funny and full of cool people, and completely devoid of the soul-numbing crap that fills Laurell Hamilton's stuff these days.
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