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More Presentos!

You know you are loved when you open an amazon box that you did not yourself order, and you find a book entitled Samurai Love. ♥♥♥MARKS♥♥♥

sociofemme also sent me a book that was so perfect, I actually stood there and thought for a minute about whether I'd bought it for myself and just forgot before i read the tag.

Also, i was helpfully pointed at a piece of incredibly hot UGH Swordfish/Sen which you should all go read RIGHT NOW *_*

and last night my brother gave me a duffel bag for this summer that has "mousapelli" embroidered on it XD between that and my brand new purple luggage, I am so ready for baltimore/NYC/toronto/JAPANMAYBE.

and now I wallow in Law & Order season 5 and pinch some remix. mmmm.
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