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Remix Author FTW!

I got Hopper porn for Remix. OMG.

Brother's Keeper (We Both Go Down Together Remix) [Kamen Rider Kabuto], a remix of Careless Touch. There's spoilers so far as getting to the point where the Hoppers exist, but OH, it's SO GOOD. Not just the Hoppers themselves, who are dark and desperate and hot like crazy fuck, but also the chief is skulking around, doing glorious and shady things.


Also, there's PoT fic for me too!

Chaos Theory (Killing All Dinosaurs Remix, a remix of The Echizen Effect, is funny and sweet and has a prickly and grumpy Ryoma being senpaied by a well-meaning Kaidoh, as well as Inui, Fuji, Momoshiro tooling around in the background in the best way possible. And the emails are back!

♥♥♥♥♥, Anon-san.

and ♥♥♥ to musesfool for running Remix, which gets more insane every single year, but she does it anyway because she loves us. I almost beat you this year!
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