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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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There Is No Romance In Your Soul, Only Tennis

I took my car into the garage yesterday because it was making this horrible screeching noise, even though I just had it in there like last month for something as retarded as "sinking door hinges" and was loathe to take it to the place I'm supposed to because every time I do, it's a hundred dollars minimum.

It was, in fact, my breaks. $570. GRRR.

So i bought myself takeout sesame chicken on the way home. And even though i have like 30 billion stupid things to do for school, fuck it. i'm doing none of them. I'm going to crochet, and probably watch the akihabara@DEEP movie, and maybe go snicker at the Tendou action figure some more.

also, my complete collection of Loveless episodes arrived! The subs aren't that hot, but so pretty. oooou.
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