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What Riku Would Do With a Blowup Doll

While replaying the Monstro world of Kingdom Hearts:

mousapelli: "i have some unfinished business with this puppet."
alsdkfjalksfja riku.
ramen_addict: he's either going to be oblivious or a master of double entendre by the time he grows up, isn't he?
mousapelli: maybe they just don't know about blowup dolls on the island
ramen_addict: if a blowup doll ever made its way there, they'd probably think it was a novelty raft and the grownups would encourage this idea
mousapelli: *dies*
mousapelli: "i know exactly what to do with this!" *begins rowing away from island*
kairi: ".....right."
sora: "Huh?"
ramen_addict: if he's lucky a big wave will come and he'll get to fail at surfing on it
mousapelli: *completely dead*

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