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Fic, Ya-Ya-Yah, Take It Easy Now

I just had to be a jerk and beat swtjemz.

Title: Take It Easy Now [Ya-Ya-Yah]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for improper thoughts about Jin.
Summary: Shoon never ever should have told Taiyo that. Or anything.
AN: Matsumodo Jun is Shoon's Most Admired Senpai, so i just had to get that in someplace. Inspired by the most amazing KAT-TUN cover ever.

"Ooh, let's do Signal!" Taiyo suggested when their manager asked them if there was any particular cover they thought they might want to do, and then he'd snuck a sly glance at Shoon's face while the others agreed and said it would be absolutely perfect.

"What happened to being respectful of your senpai!" Shoon roared when they were alone in the dressing room, cheeks still pink with embarrassment.

"Oh man, your face!" Taiyo was laughing, clutching his stomach, and Hikaru and Yabu were snickering too, those traitors. "I thought you were going to have kittens!"

"Why did you DO that?!" Shoon gave Taiyo a vicious kick to the shin, every bit as vicious as Matsujun probably gave to his bandmates when they were total douchebags.

"Aw, come on, Shoonie," Yabu soothed, putting an arm around Shoon's shoulders. "It's not his fault your feelings for Jin-senpai are not exactly those of a kouhai for his admired senpai..."

"That's not it at all," Shoon protested, shoving Yabu off of him. "I won't do it! I refuse!"

"But it IS a good song!" Hikaru protested. "I want to do it!"

"Yeah, come on," Taiyo put in, now just giggling a little every couple words, still holding his stomach as if he had a cramp. "You'll sound really good doing it, Shoon, promise! I only have your best interests at heart."

"You shut up," Yabu ordered, pointing. Taiyo opened his mouth to protest, turning towards Hikaru for support, but Hikaru just crossed his arms and looked disapproving. Taiyo sighed. Yabu turned back to Shoon. "It's okay, right? We really can do it."

"And you have been practicing in the shower," Taiyo added, before Hikaru punched him in the arm. "OW!"

"Ne, Shoonie?" Yabu put his arm right back around Shoon's shoulder and leaned in to sing softly, "Take it easy now..."

Hikaru and Taiyo exchanged a grin, then started in too, Taiyo hopping up off the couch and advancing on Shoon, until they got to ore-taichi wa and all started tickling Shoon as if on cue.

Shoon went down in a flailing, screeching heaping, taking them all with him.

"You jerks," he grumbled after agreeing to do it, if only so that Hikaru would stop trying to unbuckle his very sexy sparkly belt. "I didn't make fun of you when you had that DBSK phase."
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