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Fic, Arashi, Worth Your While

Title: Worth Your While [Ohno/Nino]
Rating/Warnings: R for Diet Pocari Sweat and blowjobs. It's a tossup whether the taste of either one improves the other.
Summary: Nino just gets a little jealous sometimes. Ohno helps him out with that.
AN: DAMMIT i do not have an arashi icon! Somebody just make me one! For swtjemz because I have broken her with the Shoon Revolution.

Worth Your While

The "We Can Make It!" shoot was going well, Ohno thought to himself as he was changing during the break. He wasn't changing particularly fast, taking his time with his jacket and shirt. It was just that he was thinking about lots of things at once, how much fun it was to film videos all together, and how much Sho's rapping had improved, and whether they were going to try that new ramen place for lunch, and how many minutes it had been since breakfast, and where Aiba had got those sneakers, and how it was kind of funny when he'd got tall all the sudden but still made cute kouhai faces at Ohno from time to…

Suddenly there were warm arms sliding around Ohno's waist, and hands folding against Ohno's stomach right above where his own hands were laying idly on his belt buckle, and a pointy chin that Ohno would have known anywhere digging into his shoulder.

"Nino?" Ohno asked, lifting his hand to brush fingers over the back of Nino's hand. Nino pressed closer, his skin warm against Ohno's bare back, the cotton of his tank top soft. "What's up?"

"Come with me?" Nino asked, voice low against Ohno's ear, and Ohno's eyes fluttered just a little. When his vision cleared, he glanced around to see the others paying no attention to them at all; Aiba was thumbing his PSP furiously, tongue stuck out in concentration, with Sho hanging over his shoulder and shouting unhelpful directions. Jun was slouched in the chair across the room with his headphones on, eyes closed and head leaned back against the cushion as he mouthed along with something.

"Yeah, okay," Ohno answered, twisting in Nino's grip to see his face, but Nino had already turned away, wrapping fingers around Ohno's wrist to pull him along after. Suddenly he noticed the air conditioning prickling against his bare skin. "Hey, wait, I don't even have a…"

"Don't worry about it," Nino said without turning around, and Ohno grinned and let himself be tugged out the door, because this was promising to be something good.

Nino led them down the hall, around the corner, through a couple doors that Ohno had never even seen before, until finally they ended up in a room with nothing but a battered couch and a vending machine.

"Where are we?" Ohno asked in awe, gawking at things that seemed to be directly out of the late 90s. One wall even had a poster from SMAP's second tour, tacked up right next to a flyer for the Sailor Moon Live Musical: Tryouts Next Week!

"The vending machine only sells Pocari Sweat," Nino commented, "so no one will bother us."

"But…" Ohno wrinkled his brow. "I like…"

"Diet Pocari Sweat," Nino clarified, and Ohno finally got the idea when Nino shoved him back against the wall.

But he didn't go in for the kill, as Ohno had expected, but just slid arms around Ohno's back and pressed close, tucking his face against Ohno's neck and inhaling deeply. His breath made the little hairs rise on Ohno's arms.

"Hmm?" Ohno hugged Nino back just as tightly, running his fingertips lightly over the ribbing of Nino's shirt. "Is something the matter?"

"No," Nino mumbled, lips brushing Ohno's collarbone. "It's just…it's been awhile."

It had been, since they'd just stood like this, pressed tight together and breathing each other in on purpose, instead of smashed together on some airplane or just collapsed on top of each other in a coma on the couch. Ohno hummed his agreement, then stiffened when Nino sank teeth into his shoulder.

"And I don't like those," he said, voice a low growl, and Ohno looked down to see Nino glaring at one of the tiny bruises littering the outside of Ohno's shoulders.

"Matsujun was just playing," Ohno shrugged, because he hadn't really thought anything about Jun shouldering him into the sharp edges of the doorway, and then laughing about it, over and over as they'd done the first scene of the video. "Like puppies wrestling."

"Like velociraptors wrestling." Nino was still growling, and now more than little hairs were standing up on Ohno. Nino bit down on another bruise, and a soft noise escaped from Ohno. Nino pulled back immediately, eyes lowered. "Sorry, Oh-chan. I didn't mean…"

"Eh?" Ohno blinked at Nino. "You stopped."

"I…" Nino looked back up, examining Ohno's face. "You didn't want me to? I left a mark."

"We're wearing jackets." Ohno shrugged, grinning. "And it's been awhile."

"Oh-chan!" Nino's mouth was curling at the corners, making Ohno want to grin and shiver and promise things.

"Don't be mad at Matsujun, please?" Ohno leaned forward to kiss the corner of Nino's mouth. Nino made a soft, dissatisfied noise in the back of his throat, his fingers tightening against Ohno's skin, and it suddenly dawned on Ohno why during one of the group takes, Nino had run his hand down Ohno's side and then left his arm wrapped tight around Ohno's waist.

He hadn't thought much of it until then, because Nino was like that sometimes, and they'd done that shot at least half a dozen times (Aiba kept coming in late), and he figured they'd edit that one out for sure.

"Please, for me?" Ohno asked again, tugging Nino's shirt loose and slipping his hand under it to run knuckles down Nino's spine. Nino shivered and leaned in for a kiss, but Ohno tilted his head back, dodging him. "Say it, Kazu-chan." Nino was still balking, and Ohno rolled their hips together. "I'll make it worth your while…"

"You're all talk, Oh-chan," Nino retorted, then gave an undignified "Eep!" as Ohno flipped them around and shoved Nino up against the wall. He rubbed his cheek along Nino's for a second, then gave him a wicked grin and slid down to his knees.

Nino's belt buckle was sizable, but didn't put up much of a fight.

"Maybe I'll just distract you instead, then." Ohno thumbed the sharp jut of Nino's hip, leaning into Nino's touch when Nino threaded fingers through Ohno's hair. He leaned forward to nudge the bulge in Nino's boxers with his nose, then opened his mouth to breathe slow and warm against the soft cotton, laughing when Nino shuddered hard and cracked an elbow against the wall with a curse.

"See, you have been spending too much time with Jun!" Nino grumbled, letting go of Ohno's hair to rub his elbow. Giving Nino his best innocent look, Ohno hooked thumbs in Nino's boxer and pulled them out of the way.

He didn't lose any time sliding his lips along Nino's length, humming with pleasure at Nino's gasp and the way his skin shivered underneath Ohno's palms. He shivered a little himself when he flicked his tongue over Nino's tip and tasted a burst of salt.

"Okay," Nino said, voice hoarse, "maybe you've been spending exactly the right amount of time with Jun," and Ohno nearly choked himself trying to laugh and not bite Nino at the same time. Nino's hands were back in Ohno's hair, stroking and encouraging and making an utter mess of the stylists' work.

It felt so good though, the blunt edges of Nino's nails scraping over Ohno's scalp and his jaw stretched around Nino's cock, and Ohno let his eyes slip closed and moaned against Nino's skin.

"Oh-chan," Nino breathed, fingers tightening in Ohno's hair and hips rocking forward into Ohno's grip, and Ohno thought maybe now was the time to try out his new trick, just to see what Nino thought of it.

Apparently all the experimentation with Aiba had paid off, because Ohno locked his jaw and tilted his head just right, and on the next thrust Nino slid back almost another full inch and bumped the back of Ohno's throat.

Ohno pulled back, eyes watering and swallowing a cough, but the shocked moan Nino had given had raised the hairs on the back of Ohno's neck, and when Ohno looked up through damp lashes, Nino was staring down at him with adoration, and also a dangling jaw.

"Where did you…" Nino started, but Ohno hadn't really taken a break, and then "Oh!" and then "Satoshi!" and it was all Ohno could do not to lose it himself when Nino was shaking under his hands and against his lips, better than singing a brand new solo halfway through a flawless set and having 50,000 teenage girls screaming your name.

Ohno was pretty satisfied with just the one person screaming his name, so long as it was the right one.

"Oh-chan," Nino was murmuring as he came down, "Oh-chan," and Ohno let himself be tugged to his feet and gave Nino his kiss at last, slow and deep and sweet and totally worth waiting for.

"So you're not mad anymore?" Ohno whispered running his tongue along Nino's lower lip.

"Hmm?" Nino blinked, eyes glazed, and Ohno rewarded himself for a job well done with another kiss and a slow grind of his hips against a very pliant Nino.

When they eventually made their way back to the others, their whole break wasted—"Not wasted," Ohno had grinned and Nino had punched his shoulder—nobody even seemed to have noticed that they were gone, although Sho did want to know where exactly Ohno had managed to find Diet Pocari Sweat.

Later, back on the set, Ohno was just sauntering onto his mark for his verse-solo when he was startled to feel light fingers brush over the small of his back, and he glanced over his shoulder to meet Nino's eyes, smug and brown. Ohno's sudden grin made his voice crack, ruining the take, and Nino clapped his hands together and laughed, pointing at his sheepish Leader when the director yelled the NG.

He stayed for the next take, and the next, and the director didn't argue, and when Ohno asked in between takes what he thought he was doing there anyway, Nino smiled sharply and said that he was protecting his interests.

"Okay!" called the director, interrupting Ohno and Nino's private laugh. "Let's do Matsumoto-kun's take next!" And then after a short pause, added, "Where is Matsumoto-kun?"

"I think he's sulking over on the pink block!" Nino called without taking his gaze away from Ohno's, and Ohno touched the tip of his tongue to the dent in his upper lip and wondered aloud if anybody happened to have a Diet Pocari Sweat on them.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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