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mfing internet explorer

halfway through the meme, my explorer quit, so I'm starting over. ARGH. lost my quiz result too, which said i was a starch and they shouldn't let me burn people at the stake.

gacked from Nny:

TEN pairings you have read:
1. Remus/Sirius. Well, OBVIOUSLY.
2. Harry/Draco. We ALL have, don't lie.
3. Fred/George. There's not enough quality twincest if you ask me.
4. Seamus/Dean. There's not much of it, and there should be so much more.
5. Hermione/Millicent. Ah, sociofemme. the depths that you have dragged me to.
6. Sirius/James. you know they did it at LEAST once.
7. Harry/Remus. I resisted at first, but it's honestly starting to grow on me.
8. Harry/Remus/Sirius. I usually HATE anything above a pair, but this just works for some reason.
9. Harry/Terry. Guh, the HAWTNESS.
10. Harry/Frog. Thereloveissoinneedofatripthroughthewashingmachine.

NINE fics you wish you'd written:
1. A Lot to be Upset about by thegraybook
2. Beg Me For It by icarusancalion
3. Salad Days by ivyblossom
4. the Fairy Boys arc, whoever did that
5. Consequences by meiko_belle
6. Just Desserts by bonibaru
7. That Weasley twin alphabet thing, which i can neither recall author or title of.
8. Revenge of Lord Vodkamort by lizbee
9. Essentially anything copperbadge has ever done.

EIGHT people you want to meet:
1. icarusancalion
2. copperbadge
3. miscellanny
4. lastmarauder (the character, not the mun, yes I'm a freak)
5. Captain Jack Sparrow, while we're on the subject of fictional characters.
6. toujours_impur
7. tocomfortyou
8. seviet

SEVEN things that annoy you:
1. I second Nny's comment about Remus mating for life. I mean, clearly he does, but he shouldn't HAVE to...
2. Netspeak. It's funny to make fun of the t00bs who really do think its cool, but I can't read it. where in the hell does the "0rz" come from in "r0xx0rz?
3. The non-inclusion of Peter in most Marauderfic. He was their best friend too, guys, you may hate the little bastard, but you've got to work him in there.
4. How the first trailer for the next movie is ALWAYS on some movie I would never otherwise pay money to see.
5. Speaking of trailers, when people complain that trailers don't have enough action, or complain about them in any way in fact. they're ADS for chrissake!
6. How hard it is for me to write anything except Sirius/Remus unless forced to.
7. My complete inability to write twincest. its so twisted, but i REALLY want to, and I just can't.

SIX of your fandoms:
In descending order:
1. Pirates of the Caribbean, matey!
2. Harry Potter, clearly.
3. Roswell. Ah Roswell, how I miss thee...
4. X-files. the first fandom I ever read other people's fics for. I still have a bunch of the printed out ones.
5. X-men (the cartoon, then the comic). I'm Rogue/Gambit all the way!
6. Mighty Max. No I'm not kidding, I actually wrote Mighty Max fanfiction when I was in the third grade. It was QUALITY, let me tell you.

FIVE pairings you've written/tried to write:
1. Remus/Sirius. well duh.
2. Remus/Lupin. What was i THINKING?!
3. Remus/Harry. There was a collar and desk, that's all you need to know.
4. Draco/Harry. You've done it too, don't lie.
5. Hagrid/Fudge. For the love of god, don't ask (it was Nny's fault).

FOUR things you love:
1. Flying Motorbikes (its a TRIUMPH!)
2. sociallyinept!Harry
3. Terry Boot from the_second_war
4. Marauder glam with all it entails, from eyeliner to electric guitars to glitter to leather.

THREE characters you'd like to shag:
1. Either of the Twins. maybe both at once.
2. I'd be one of Sirius' attempts to distract himself from Remus in a hot second.
3. Millicent Bulstrode, just because it would make sociofemme FURIOUS!

TWO songs you associate with fandom:
1. Switchfoot "Dare You To Move"--I actually have an entire music video in my head about Sirius and Harry, but it would take footage from movies 3-5 to make, not to mention a few shots of Sirius holding baby Harry that are not likely to be filmed.
2. the Cure "The Same Deep Water As You"--This is my ultimate Mulder/Scully song.

ONE character you'd like to spend your life with:
Sirius. no contest. He's got a flying MOTORBIKE people! Besides, I associate with Remus most, so it follows i'd want to spend the rest of my life with Padfoot. end of story.

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