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Spring_Fluff Reveals

Also, spring_fluff reveals are up! Er, they've been up, I'm just slow.

I wrote two fics:

Problematic [Shishido/Ohtori] for nickelodeon, where Shishido has problems and also a hamster, and Ohtori writes Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. My prompt, essentially, was "DORKS" and let's just say I worked hard.

Psychological Advantage [Momoshiro/Kaidoh] as a pinch hit for playthefool, where Kaidoh and Momoshiro are simultaneously the best and worst doubles pair ever. SYNCHRO OBSCENE HAND GESTURES.

I had a terrific time writing both of them, especially the Silver Pair, and I read tons of terrific fic this April. Thanks so much, nickelodeon and takewing!

Also, thanks again to tehlils for my fic, 6-Love. It's so sweet and funny, and there should be a zillion times more Arai/Kachirou just like this.
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