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28 Reasons Why You Should Love Ya-Ya-Yah

I was watching the 5/13 performance of Ima Susumou, where Ya-Ya-Yah is suddenly ridiculously hot and grown up and full of amazing.

Here's the clip over on Obse-Shoon, where you can both watch it and download it, and you should totally do both.

And I took a bunch of screencaps too, because OMG boys in leather playing ('playing') guitars and dancing around and just having the best time of their lives *_* and being very, very easy on the eyes while they do it.

ilusm, Y3. Be dorks always.

Yabu. Boys in Leather With Guitars
oh god, Yabu. When did you turn into five and a half feet of pure sex?
Boys in Leather With Guitars
that's what boypop is all about isn't it?! this is the best clip ever.
Hikaru Too Hair no Tensai
Hikaru Too
They all just grew up so fast, and got all lanky and fluffy-haired and long-fingered. I feel like Hikaru grew entirely into his face just in the last couple lives.
Hair no Tensai
Whoever did this thing to Yabu's hair deserves a j-pop single written about them. God, he uses it so well, too *_*
The Revolushoon Runs Itself Curse You Foglights
The Revolushoon Runs Itself
Oh, Shoon, even you look sexier than usual. ALSO NOTE: Licking his lip like Jin. I swear, Japan reads my fic. All of it. You're gonna see that tongue a lot here.
Curse You Foglights
I wish these couple caps didn't have the fog, because Taiyo looks amazing too, and he's got this watching you from under his hair thing that...*melty*
Emo Fail Boys With Guitars, I Swear
Emo Fail
I love this Ueda-ish emo look that Shoon is trying for so hard, and he's just far too damned cute to do it.
Boys With Guitars, I Swear
You really just have to watch this live, the cap is nothing compared to them in motion, rocking out.
Hikaru Especially I Don't Know Who To Stare At
Hikaru Especially
Hikaru does all these little flailing kicks, like maybe he's been training with Arashi while Shoon is getting groped in recording studios.
I Don't Know Who To Stare At
At first I was all about Hikaru rocking out, and then i realized HI THERE SHOON'S TONGUE AGAIN. That is the most Jin I've ever seen him look and I can't stop cracking up.
Prince Yabu I Just Love Shoon
Prince Yabu
oh man, every time they came back to him he was like four times hotter. JESUS CHRIST did he get hot all the sudden.
I Just Love Shoon
Cracking Up Taiyo at Last
Cracking Up
Hikaru, you are so hardcore XD
Taiyo at Last
Taiyo doesn't get too much love in this live, but he's there, being tall and just so happy, and he is my Y3 boyfriend, just in case you were harboring fantasies of fighting me for him.
Ganbatte, Hikaru And Like This
Ganbatte, Hikaru
I started the clip over for capping in super slo-mo, and it paid off in caps such as this. ROWR.
And Like This
Fog, you are blocking the shoon, and you must die.
Yabu Contracted It From Hikaru Um
Yabu Contracted It From Hikaru
More arashi-kicking! Bless you good little kouhai.
I just...i'll be sitting here...staring
Omg Dorks I Won't Lose To Yabu
Omg Dorks
I love how into they get. I think it's plain that if they are actually playing (shoon looks like he might be) the sound isn't going through, but they're so into it! *full of love for that*
I Won't Lose To Yabu
Shoon and Yabu are having a sex-off. Who's winning? You decide.
Hello Again Or Shoon You Sex God
Hello Again
This is the same tongue-cap as before, just looks better. Shoon, you dork ♥
Or Shoon You Sex God
He looks amazing, so much. He's just... grown into himself more, perfectly. so much hot.
Here's Looking At Him DORK OMG
Here's Looking At Him
I love when the boys just look up, right at you through the camera. They all do it here, one after the other.
Shoon is trying to hide his grin behind his mic! alkdjflajfalkfjs!
Taiyo's Hair is Amazing Oh, the Grinning
Taiyo's Hair is Amazing
Staring right at us! Taiyo, you ridiculously tall adorable boy.
Oh, the Grinning
I just love watching them when they are plainly having the time of their lives. that smile!
I Just Completely Forgot What I Was Saying In Conclusion, Ya-Ya-Yah Pwns Me
I Just Completely Forgot What I Was Saying
....Yabu omg.
In Conclusion, Ya-Ya-Yah Pwns Me
They're so happy! and grown-up! and they sound AMAZING and they're little kicks are made of JE lovely. omg Y3 forever ♥

of course I watched it on super slow motion. >->
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