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The Sci-Fi Channel is a Cocktease

Hey! There was a Heroes marathon when i went to bed, and now it's not on anymore! What happened to 21 hours of catching up! Sci-Fi, you cocktease.

I watched the first five last night and it turns out I hadn't seen any of them. Nathan Petrelli is a douche! Not like i didn't know he was before, but goddamn.

And the whole beginning part of Ando being dragged along for the ride was awesome. He's just a tiny bit of a jerk at first too (in no small part i'm sure because this is probably the 29834785th time Hiro has thought he's had super powers), but that makes his best friendo devotion later even better. ALSO: I kind of thought Hiro was making up the ando/porn otp thing just a little bit, but it's all true. GLORIOUS.

A lot more of Nikki's story makes sense too. And I like Peter Petrelli more than I did before.

In other news, my mother just came upstairs to announce that she was making egg bake, and that we're never going to get rid of all the sausage that's in our freezer (long story).

Mom: We need to have a sausage party!
Me: " a...fest?"
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