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Fic, Arashi, Just a Flimsy Pretext

Title: Just a Flimsy Pretext [Arashi/Arashi]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for orgy and Jun dirty talking.
Summary: Aiba wins.
AN: For darkeyedwolf because i just want attention.

Just a Flimsy Pretext

"Spin the bottle?" Jun raised an eyebrow, not bothering to lift his head from the back of the couch. "Are we in high school?"

"That's not even a bottle," Sho pointed out from his seat on Jun's right, wrinkling his nose. "And I'm sure not kissing you after you drank twelve ounces of Diet Pocari Sweat. Where are you even getting that crap from?"

"Hmm?" Ohno glanced down at the can in his hand, which apparently had contained Twice the Nutri-sweet! "What's wrong with that? And they come from the vending machine, you know, the one in the…"

"We could play Never Have I Ever," Nino suggested loudly instead, giving Ohno a little elbow and getting a cheer from Aiba.

"That's no fun either!" Sho said. "Aiba-chan always gets drunk first and loses."

"You mean Aiba-chan always gets drunk first and wins," Aiba corrected. He flopped over across Jun's lap backwards to push the Nintendo DS in Sho's hand shut, ignoring Sho's indignant protest. "You suggest something then, Sho-kun." Aiba didn't remove himself, but left his head right where it was in Jun's lap. Jun reached down to give Aiba's hair a casual yank.

"How about Truth or Dare?" Sho offered, making the others groan.

"Now we're in junior high!" Jun shook his head.

"You know," Ohno said, just now looking up from his can, "all those games are just flimsy pretexts to make out."

"Well…duh, Captain." Aiba tilted his head, and Jun yanked his hair until he tilted it back the other way. "What's wrong with making out?"

"What? Nothing," Ohno shrugged, flipping his soda can into the trash can nearby. "I just don't know what we need the pretexts for."

"That's our captain!" Aiba beamed, bouncing up out of Jun's lap and leaving Jun looking sour. "We should all get together at somebody's apartment!"

"After the show," Nino reminded, catching Ohno's wrist where it disappeared under his shirt.

Ohno flexed his hand, making Nino's shirt ripple. "After the what?"

"That's our captain," Jun said.


Aiba lost the Jan-Ken-Pon ("You mean Aiba-chan won the Jan-Ken-Pon!" Aiba corrected) which meant that he got to scurry home first and try and straighten up his apartment while the others cleaned up and picked up food.

"We brought ramen!" Sho announced when Aiba answered the door, then trailed off, dumb-struck. "Because it's…your…uh…"

"It's your favorite!" Ohno added, then peered around Sho's shoulder and blinked. "Cute!"

"Ramen!" Aiba chirped, bouncing on his heels a little, and that plus the kerchief still tucked over his hair was the reason Sho and Ohno just stood in the doorway, struck dumb by the cute, until Jun shoved them through the door and nearly started the party early when Ohno tripped over Sho's feet and sent them both flailing to the floor.

"Get rid of this before somebody gets killed," Jun said, reaching up to take the kerchief off Aiba's head, but his fingers scrunched Aiba's hair a little just where his roots were showing, and Aiba used the moment of distraction to snatch the bag of ramen out of Jun's hand and dashed gleefully into the kitchen.

"You're not a very good host, Aiba-chan," Nino scolded, as they all shuffled into the kitchen and found Aiba with one container already open and a chopstick-ful of noodles in his mouth. Aiba grinned and waved at the open cabinet with bowls in it, then slurped another noodle. Nino grabbed a stack of bowls, then turned to find Ohno with two plastic containers in his hands, brow wrinkled. "Oh-chan, what are you doing?"

"Ah?" Ohno grinned sheepishly. "I can't remember what I ordered." Nino clicked his tongue in fond exasperation, and Sho reached over to take both containers out of Ohno's hands and hand him a third one. He handed the other two to Jun and Nino, then looked down at the one remaining container in his hand.

"Hey!" Sho looked up and narrowed his eyes at Aiba. "This isn't mine!"

"Ne, you don't mind sharing, right, Sho-chan?" Aiba asked, giving Sho a big smile as he picked a shrimp out of the ramen and crunched down on it happily. Sho grumbled something dark, but then relented when Aiba held out the other half of the shrimp on his chopsticks for Sho to scoop off with his tongue.

"Let's not all stand here with plastic containers like heathens," Jun said, and somehow got them out to the living room and their food into bowls before Aiba stole everybody's shrimp.

"Aw, Nino," Aiba pouted when Nino had rapped the back of his knuckles sharply with his chopsticks, making him yelp and yank his hand back. "Captain doesn't mind!"

"It's not fair to pick on him while he's thinking," Nino scolded, apparently having no compunction about snitching a few of Ohno's noodles for himself.

"Mm?" Ohno asked through a full mouth, then swallowed. "I was just thinking that naruto are spirals and uzimaki means spiral, so Naruto's name is like Spiral Spiral."

Jun eyed Ohno, chewing slowly for a long moment. "You've been thinking about that since the very first episode, haven't you?"

"And then there's naruto in his ramen." Ohno stared down into his bowl. "Is that cannibalism?"

Nino reached over and chopsticked the last fish cake out of Ohno's bowl and popped it in his mouth. "Problem solved." Ohno gave an indignant squawk and reached over to steal a piece of pork from Nino's bowl.

"You two are making me sick," Jun announced, completely ignoring the way Aiba, already finished with his own bowl, was rifling his chopsticks through Jun's for the good bits, and the way he was feeding half of them to Sho anyway to make up for eating all the shrimp.

Aiba slurped one last noodle, then collapsed back against the couch in a slump, proclaiming that he was so full he was going to die.

"Host does the dishes!" Sho announced, setting his own bowl down on the coffee table with a thump. Aiba whined, squirming a little, until Ohno said that he wouldn’t mind helping with the clean-up. That brightened Aiba up, and he tackled Jun with tickling fingers to search his crumpled kerchief out of Jun's pocket.

"It's still cute," Ohno assured as they stood in front of the sink, wearing matching pink and orange aprons that Aiba insisted his mother had made. Not that anybody who had been watching Aiba dress himself for the last decade and change was going to believe that.

"Are you just humoring me, captain?" Aiba wanted to know, giving Ohno a pout, and since Ohno's hands were too soapy to hug Aiba, Ohno leaned over and kissed his cheek instead, laughing when Aiba gave a wriggle of happiness like a Labrador shaking off water.

Aiba pressed their shoulders together and grabbed Ohno's hand under the water in the sink, lacing their fingers together. Then he turned his head to kiss Ohno for real, closing his eyes as Ohno automatically tilted his head so that their mouths slid together perfectly.

"Hmmm?" Ohno hummed without moving his lips away from Aiba's, and Aiba giggled because it tickled, then swiped his tongue over Ohno's top lip. He cracked one eye open to peek, and found Ohno watching him, a mischievous glint in his eye.

He barely had enough time to ask, "Captain?" before Ohno got both soapy hands on Aiba's waist and lifted him up onto the edge of the sink, making Aiba shriek from surprise and the water soaking through his shirt. Planning on taking no prisoners if that was how Ohno was going to play it, Aiba waited until Ohno had slid neatly in between his legs, then locked his ankles behind Ohno's back and buried his own soapy hands in Ohno's hair.

"Aibaaa!" Ohno wailed, trying to squirm away, but Aiba just laughed and leaned down for a kiss, the layered edges of his haircut swinging down to brush Ohno's cheeks where they were scrunched up cutely.

"Are you two almost done with the dishes," Jun's voice interrupted suddenly, "because Nino and Sho are getting kind of…oh fuck, you too?"

Aiba waited a second to lift his head, because the thing Ohno was doing with his tongue was not to be interrupted, then grinned at Jun over Ohno's soap-spiked hair as Ohno pressed his mouth to Aiba's throat instead. Jun was scowling, but when Aiba beckoned him with a finger, sauntered over anyway.

"Should we let Jun-kun play too?" Aiba asked Ohno, reaching around him to grab two fistfuls of Jun's shirt without waiting for an answer, and pulling him up flush against Ohno's back. Ohno gave a low groan of approval without removing his lips from Aiba's pulse. Aiba chuckled, murmuring, "Captain is always thinking of others."

"If you touch my hair with that soap on your hands," Jun informed Aiba with a sharp smile as he wrapped his arms around Ohno's chest, "I'm going to shove you in the sink." Jun gave a little ripple of his body that pushed Ohno into Aiba and made Aiba lean his head back with a soft noise.

He kept eyes open though, even though it was hard, because he wanted to see as Jun nosed Ohno's hair out of the way to kiss the back of his neck. Aiba saw a flash of tongue and grinned when Ohno shivered against him.

"Is that supposed to be some sort of punishment?" Aiba asked, tilting his head to look innocent, even though his voice had dropped a half-octave. "Me all soaking wet, shivering, T-shirt stuck to my chest and my knees up around my…"

Aiba cut off with a bark of laughter when suddenly long thumbs were digging into the ticklish spots just under his ribs, and he couldn't tell whether it was Ohno or Jun while he was thrashing about. Not that it mattered, because a second set of thumbs just into his armpits a moment later.

"Quit it!" Aiba gasped, tears already gathering in the corners of his eyes, shoving at both of them, but Jun was laughing, and hands were up under his shirt now, and he really was going to fall in the sink if they didn't stop tickling!

Just then there was a long moan from the other room, and Ohno's hands—under Aiba's shirt—froze as Ohno lifted his head and looked towards the doorway.

"Captain," Aiba breathed, taking advantage of the situation and grabbing Jun's hands, "don't you think we should investigate?"

"They're managing just fine on their own," Jun said, flexing his fingers against Aiba, and Aiba jerked and sank his nails into the back of Jun's hands.

"Not that I'm not having a good time," Aiba forced one of Jun's hand up high enough that he could flicker the tip of his tongue against Jun's fingertip, "but, ne, isn't this the same as last weekend? You should mix it up a little more, Jun-chan, or you'll get boring."

"I'll show you boring," Jun growled, tugging Ohno out of the way. Ohno shuffled aside willingly, trotting towards the doorway, and Jun followed right after him, a squirming and laughing Aiba thrown over his shoulder.

"Put me down, you idiot!" Aiba yelled, pounding on Jun's back. Jun slapped his ass and told him to shut up, then 'accidentally' bumped Aiba's head against the doorframe on the way through.

In the living room, he bumped into the back of Ohno, who had stopped suddenly and was just staring. A glance over Ohno's shoulder showed him why.

Sho and Nino were sprawled across the couch, Sho with his shirt rucked up to his armpits and his pants missing, legs spread wide. Nino was settled in between Sho's thighs, his own jeans riding low on his hips but his shirt long gone, his arms curled under and around Sho's thighs to hold him steady and his mouth wrapped around Sho's cock. Sho's hands were tight and flexing against Nino's shoulders, and his head was tipped back against the arm of the couch, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed.

"What?" Aiba wanted to know, trying to twist in Jun's grip. "I want to see too! Juuun!"

"Heeeeeey," Ohno said, "you started without me again!"

Nino looked up for a long second before finally sliding his mouth off of Sho to say dryly, "I'm really not sure that I did, judging from your hair, Oh-chan."

"I know something really good is going on!" Aiba hollered. "Put me down!"

"Okay." Jun shrugged, then strode the ten steps to the couch and dumped Aiba in a sprawl against Sho and Nino.

"Yo, watch it!" Sho protested, trying to curl to protect the delicate bits, but their limbs were all tangled. Aiba was good and floppy, though, so no permanent damage was sustained by the time Aiba came to a stop, flopped across Sho's chest with his legs wedged in between Nino and the back of the couch.

"Hi!" Aiba grinned at Sho, digging his chin into Sho's collarbone a little, and Sho gave a "tsk" and wrapped a hand over the back of Aiba's neck, rubbing his fingers against the tense muscles until Aiba was practically oozing off his chest, kneading his fingers against Sho's chest like a cat.

Nino just rolled his eyes and went back to work.

"They don't seem to be missing us," Jun commented, throwing an arm around Ohno's shoulders.

"Hmph," said Ohno, crossing his arms and pouting. It was hard to keep the pout in place when his eyes were tracking the bob of Nino's head and the hitch of Sho's chest.

"Mmm," Nino lifted his head to give Ohno a long-suffering look, and Sho gave an irritated groan. Nino wrapped a hand around his cock to shut him up, palm gliding smoothly over the spit-slicked skin. "Don't pout, Oh-chan. I thought you liked to watch?"

"I don't mind it as a warm-up," Ohno said, shifting closer against Jun's side when Jun slid fingers underneath the collar of Ohno's shirt.

"Maybe we should warm up Aiba-chan's bed, then." Jun bent his head to kiss the curve of Ohno's shoulder, eyes holding Aiba's half-slit gaze. "Since the couch seems to be full."

"Don't be in such a rush," Nino shrugged. "You might miss something good."

"Please, Nino!" Sho whined, pushing up against him as best he could under Aiba's weight. Aiba lazily bit down on one of Sho's nipples, making him gasp. Nino gave Jun and Ohno a final smirk before turning back to Sho and swallowing his cock whole.

"Just like Nino-chan," Ohno said, voice a bit higher than usual, and Jun murmured his appreciation and bit down on Ohno's shoulder just a tiny bit.

"Ah!" Sho had one hand in Aiba's hair and one in Nino's. "Oh, don't…fuck, don't stop!"

"Hmm?" Aiba looked over his shoulder, one eyebrow raised. "Nino-kun, where's your other hand?"

Nino chuckled, and Sho bucked and came with a thin wail, hands tightening so that Aiba cursed and Nino coughed, choking a little.

"Sho-chaaaan," Aiba reached up to untangle Sho's hand from his hair. "That hurt!" Sho muttered something unintelligible, curling his fingers around Aiba's.

Nino cleared his throat and pushed himself up to sit, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth. "Damn, Sho, I thought you were gonna break my fingers!"

"Nngh." Sho cracked an eye and peered at Nino over Aiba's shoulder. "Do it again and see what happens. I'll try harder this time."

"Mean!" Aiba laughed, stretch up to kiss Sho briefly, and Sho gave a muffled grunt at the slide of his oversensitive skin against Aiba's. "You've been spending too much time with Jun."

"Good to hear somebody is," Jun interrupted. Jun, Aiba, and Nino looked over to find Ohno with his head tipped back against Jun's shoulder. One of Jun's hands was brushing the hollow of Ohno's throat, and the other was up under Ohno's shirt, fingers dragging lightly over Ohno's skin.

"We should do this properly," Sho said, his voice almost back to normal. He tried to scootch back to sit up, pushing Aiba up, but as soon as he let go, Aiba collapsed right back in his lap, head lolling back and grinning up at Sho. Sho poked him in the middle of the forehead. "And it's rude to interrupt things."

"Ne, you're nagging again, Sho-chan!" Aiba twisted his head to look at Nino. "How can he nag right away like that?"

"I don't know." Nino was getting to his feet and stretching, his jeans slipping down another half-inch on his hips. Ohno reached out and caught at his hand, and Nino stepped forward to press against Ohno, head tucked against the opposite shoulder from the one Jun was nibbling on. "I guess next time we'll all have to work harder. Jun, didn't you say something about warming up Aiba's bed?"

"Maybe." Jun gave one last nip to Ohno's skin that made his hands tighten on Nino's waist. "But Sho's carrying him this time."

Aiba grinned winningly up at Sho, and Sho shoved him off the couch.

"You're no fun, Sho-chan," Aiba complained as they all came into the bedroom, rubbing his tailbone.

"That's because you're not doing it right," Jun said, and then he pulled Sho close and kissed him, one arm curling around Sho's neck and the other around his waist.

Jun took his time, leaning his body into Sho's from knee to chest, slanting their mouths together. He teased Sho's lips with the tip of his tongue, until Sho growled a little growl of dissatisfaction and sucked Jun's tongue into his mouth. Sho tried to draw Jun into a serious kiss with the hot curl of his own tongue, but Jun kept up his teasing exploration, investigating the roof of Sho's mouth, the backs of his teeth, the inside of his lips, until Sho was whimpering and digging his fingers into Jun's back.

"See?" Jun asked when he broke the kiss, lips puffy and breathing hard. "Sho's lots of fun."

"Bed," Sho demanded hoarsely, eyes glazed. "Now."

Nino and Ohno didn’t need to be told twice, and Nino shoved Ohno down against Aiba's pillows and jumped in beside him before Ohno even had the time to bounce, which unfortunately knocked both of their heads against the headboard with a crack.

"Nino-chan!" Ohno exclaimed, clutching hands to the back of his head with wide, hurt eyes. Nino cursed and rubbed at the crown of his own head with one hand, using the other to knock Ohno's hands out of the way and rifle his hair to feel for a lump.

"See? That's why you should do things properly," Sho sniffed, reaching over to pull Aiba's T-shirt over his head. Aiba flailed when the collar got caught around his head, and Jun reached over to free him with a yank.

"Don't scold, Sho-chan," Aiba said when his head popped loose of his shirt, his hair sticking up almost as bad as Ohno's. "It works better when you're nicer." Sho opened his mouth to respond, and Aiba smiled sweetly before yanking Sho's shirt up to get tangled around his own head.

"Will you two get over here?" Nino called, and Aiba turned to flash his smile at them. Nino had apparently satisfied himself that Ohno was more or less undamaged, and was now just stroking his fingers through Ohno's hair, spiking it up and smoothing it back down. Ohno was fiddling with the fly of Nino's jeans, peering at his fingers through eyes half-slit with pleasure. Jun was sitting on the edge of the bed, shirt gone and kicking off his boots.

"And I'm not just watching this time," Ohno informed everyone, finally getting Nino's fly loose, and gave Jun's thigh a little kick until Jun helped out by grabbing the hem of Nino's jeans and pulling on them while Ohno coaxed Nino up high enough to slip the denim off his hips.

"Why are you the most dressed then?" Aiba asked, tilting his head, and everyone laughed when Ohno looked down with a puzzled "Hmm?" at his clothes as if he had forgotten he was wearing them.

"Looks like we ought to help the captain out," Jun said, dropping Nino's jeans on the floor and reaching for Ohno's leg.

Arashi always did work best together, and it took not even as long as one of Kawai's backflips for them to finish stripping everybody of their clothes at last.

"You're always in the middle," Nino complained while he was pressing sucking kisses against the hollow of Aiba's throat. Ohno was curled around Nino's back, one arm wrapped around his waist to stroke lazily at both Aiba and Nino's cocks, pressed together in his palm.

"It's my bed," Aiba pointed out, then interrupted himself with an "Oh!" and pushed back against Jun's chest.

"What about last weekend when it was in my bed?" Jun asked, shifting his grip on Aiba a little so that he was actually helping Sho hold Aiba's ass open rather than just getting his fingers in the way of Sho's tongue.

"Or two days ago in mine," Nino added when Aiba didn't answer right away. "Oh-chan, don't tease."

"It's not teasing." Ohno grazed the back of Nino's neck with his teeth, making Nino shudder. "It's foreplay. Unless you want to limp your way through the shoot tomorrow…"

"Mm, please," Nino asked, glancing over his shoulder just because he knew the look Ohno would give him in response would make him moan shamelessly.

"Can help you with that," Sho pulled away from Aiba just long enough to say, and then slick fingers were sliding in between Ohno's cock where it was curled flush against his stomach and the cleft of Nino's ass, where Ohno's cock had been rubbing not two seconds earlier. Both of them groaned, Nino turning back to Aiba to sink teeth into his collarbone as Sho pushed a finger inside of him, and Ohno rolling his hips so that his cock slid along the back of Sho's hand where the lube had dripped over it.

"He's good enough," Jun said, wrapping a hand in Sho's hair and tugging, and Sho gave a hum of agreement that made Aiba writhe. They both moved at the same time, like they'd planned it, or maybe just done it a hundred times, Sho moving up to curl against Aiba's back, and Jun sliding up so that his back was pressed up against the wall.

It lined Jun up perfectly for two separate but related acts: one, it put his face close enough to Ohno's that he could lean down and kiss him, swallowing Ohno's soft groans, and two, it got Aiba's mouth within sucking distance of his cock.

Aiba took a second to catch on, distracted as he was by both Nino's mouth on his throat and Sho's cock pressing against the small of his back, but when he cracked an eye and caught sight of the situation, Aiba gave Jun a glazed grin and lifted his head, reaching up to palm Jun's hip. Jun shifted closer in cooperation, so that Aiba could rest his cheek against Jun's thigh. He moved his hand from Jun's hip to curl around the heat of Jun's cock, and rubbed his lips over Jun's head in between moans.

"Shoooo," Aiba whined when he had a second, breath making Jun groan, "come on already, please?"

Pulling his fingers away from Nino and giving Ohno a quick stroke in passing, Sho found the lube among the wrinkles of Aiba's sheets and re-slicked his fingers. He teased Aiba for a few seconds, long enough to make Aiba moan his name with twice the syllables, then stroked the rest of the lube over his cock and lined himself up.

"Ne, relax," Nino muttered against Aiba's collar, reaching down to hook his hand around the back of Aiba's thigh and pulling it up so that Sho could push in easily, Aiba shivering in between them and pushing his cock up through Ohno's fist, the tip tacky against Nino's stomach. His soft, whining moans leaked out around Jun's cock, making Jun tear his mouth away from Ohno's with a curse.

Ohno let go of Nino and Aiba's cocks to reach over and take the lube from Sho. "Thanks."

"Un-huh," Sho said, voice hoarse and muffled against the back of Aiba's neck. "Ai-chan, you're so hot…"

"Oh-chan," Nino replaced Ohno's hand with his own, stroking both himself and the nearly insensible Aiba, and turned his head to give Ohno a pleading look, brown eyes dark with lust, "I want you already, please? Don't go slow."

Ohno answered with just Nino's name, half-laugh and half-moan, but did as he was told. Fisting himself only long enough to get the lube on, he pressed the head of his cock against the heat of Nino's hole and pushed inside, not slow but steady, holding Nino's hip tightly when Nino tried to shove back against him.

"Oh, oh…" Nino threw back his head, and maybe it was Ohno's name and maybe it wasn't, Nino too focused on the thick burn of Ohno inside of him to worry about what was coming out of his mouth, and anyway Ohno would get it.

"Yeah," Ohno agreed, "Yeah, oh, Nino," and then Ohno's hand slid off Nino's hip to wrap around the back of Nino's hand, tangling their fingers around Nino and Aiba's cocks.

Sho, watching all of this over Aiba's shoulder, was nearly gone, and trying to get Aiba there as well, speeding up the process by murmuring in Aiba's ear exactly how sweet and slick and hot he was.

"Hope you're close," he said, bringing his hand up from Aiba's hip to brush over his nipple. "You've got me so close…"

"Come on, Aiba-chan," Jun added his encouragement now that Ohno's mouth was busy with Nino's name and shoulder. He stroked his hands through Aiba's hair, helped him keep sliding his lips over the tip of Jun's cock even now that Aiba was panting, eyes squeezed shut and beads of sweat gathering at his temples and slipping down his cheek. "You're gorgeous when you let go, I can't wait to see it, just like that, don't keep me waiting…"

Aiba opened his eyes to meet Jun's, then gave a sweet moan and spilled slick over Nino's hand.

"Fuck, Aiba!" Sho groaned when Aiba tightened around his cock, and he dropped his hand to yank Aiba's thigh back up, and thrust hard, rhythm stuttering, until he came as well, face buried in the back of Aiba's neck and still telling him how good he felt.

"Quit watching and just fuck me already," Nino ordered Ohno, pushing back against Ohno's steady rhythm impatiently. He let go of Aiba's softening cock and fisted his own, eyes closed in concentration.

"Okay," Ohno said, then grabbed Nino's hips and rolled them, getting Nino up on his knees and one hand and bracing his knees to thrust hard. Nino skidded an inch forward on the first thrust, before he twisted his fingers in the sheets and shoved back to meet Ohno thrust for thrust.

"Roll this way, Jun-chan," Aiba said, voice rough, flopping a hand lazily against Jun's stomach to try and get him to curl into a more comfortable position for Aiba's neck.

"Tsk, so demanding." Jun complied, rolling onto his side so that Aiba could wrap his mouth around all but the last inch or so of his cock, but kept his torso twisted so that he could still watch the way Nino's back was arching and the way Ohno's fingers were digging into Nino's hips.

"Want you…" Ohno panted, barely managing to keep his eyes open to watch, "want you to come for me, now, please," and it was Jun who came, fingers tight in Aiba's hair and Aiba's mouth hot and soothing against the bright rip of his orgasm.

"Not till you," Nino said, hair hanging damp in his eyes, palm skidding over the blanket, "or maybe right now, fuck!"

"I can do that," Ohno agreed, then wrapped both arms tight around Nino's chest and did, his weight collapsing both of them into a shaking, sticky heap.

The only sound for a few seconds was a lot of heavy breathing, in particular Jun's because Aiba was still lazily sucking his cock despite Jun trying to push him away from his oversensitive skin. Sho clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and grabbed Aiba's chin, forcing him to turn his head away from Jun.

"Don't," he said, then kissed Aiba to stop him rolling his eyes.

"So what now?" Nino mumbled, face half buried in the blankets and still tucked warmly under Ohno's body. Ohno grunted, eyes already closed and hand finding Nino's to lace their fingers together.

"Stickiest person gets the shower last," Jun said, back flopped against the cool wall and taking open-mouthed gasps of air. "Aiba loses."

"You mean," Aiba replied against Sho's mouth, "Aiba wins."

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

  • Interhigh 2018 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

  • Chocolate Box 2018 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…