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shameless smut elf at work

I just mailed in my merry_smutmas assignment *squee* That was just what i needed, some lighthearted fun in a pairing i'd never tried before.I wrote the entire thing during Broadway Revue as well, so it gave me something to talk about with Colin, who rocks my world.

I had an intelligent arguement with him over the boardroom table, about mp3s. That hasn't happened in a long time, i don't know many people who like to argue just for the sake of it and are smart enough to pull it off (and don't cry when I harrass them into a corner). Neither one of us won either, we TIED, which I can't ever remember happening before. It was so cool I ran around the table to hug him, which perplexed many members of the Revue cast who had just seen us shouting at each other.

I'm glad I got to know him better too. It used to be that hanging out with him made me happy, because he is hilarious and smart and decent, but it would also make me very sad after a little while, because he's very David-like. David without all the emotional turmoil. David like he would have been if he hadn't crashed and burned as a college student. In fact, the comparison is stunning, between the simpsons and gaming and the LOTR and...well, let's just say I am now thankful I listened patiently to all those David conversations, because now sometimes I have them with Colin.

And I'm glad I'm past that now, because Colin really doesn't deserve to just be "that guy who's remarkably like David".

And I get to be the fun person, the anti-girlfriend. The person who actually WANTS to see the praying mantis living in his room (it's the scariest bug I've ever seen). Last week he unloaded some relationship concerns on me, which I got the feeling he doesn't really talk about with many people. While I think it's humorous that he would turn to me for advice, I was happy to listen.

He was my partner during "ya got trouble". hee.

Speaking of, I think his girlfriend was a little irritated by me by the end of the show, possibly because everytime she came into the room, we were carrying on about something together (she didn't even laugh at the Pants Game. I mean, honestly). I'm going to miss seeing him for four hours every single night. He might come see Matrix with me tomorrow, though. If the little woman lets him out. (okay, i was encouraging him to rebel against her tyrannical rule, but only a LITTLE).
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